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Today post- just a relax post – relate chinese – Hakka Song Found this in Youtube – a Hakka Artist – Called – 畑龙 (xilong) – From Sabah ‘ hakka artist ‘ – am i right ? i don’t know – just spell it . 海边看飞机场 词曲编唱 – 畑龙 一个人在Tg. Aru, 看到好多人在拍拖 一粒椰子两条straw, 嘴角还咬着木瓜酸 想到那天你和我讲,… Read More

Top 10 Strange Looking Animals in Earth

Top 10 Strange Looking Animals in Earth | 世界/地球上十种最古怪样子的动物 – 1 ) Blobfish blobfish是一个看似非常奇怪的鱼类,它是存在的。你可以在澳大利亚大陆和塔斯马尼亚岛的深海水域找到它, Blobfish是很少被人类见到的动物,因为它通常是在深度较深与压力较高之下生存,潜水员是无法达到的 。Blobfish的肉体是凝胶与体积态大,密度略小于水,使鱼在海底漂浮。 The blobfish is a very weird looking fish which actually does exist . You can find it in the deep waters of Australian mainland and Tasmania. Blobfish is rarely seen by human because it is usually found in depths… Read More

TOP 10 Best Seaside in UK town

Lets have some cool / relax picture for today – this is not as shiok as recently post – hope you all like it – The great thing about the United Kingdom is that it’s an island….and, islands means loads of beaches and coastlines to explore and more importantly for the summer, seaside towns to… Read More

Mattress dominoes world record attempt

他们都掉了下来:床垫多米诺骨牌世界纪录尝试 A new unique world record is on the cards after staff at a furniture warehouse made a video of themselves playing mattress dominoes. 一个新的世界纪录是在卡后,工作人员在一个家具仓库提出了自己的视频播放床垫多米诺骨牌。 The game sees dominoes substituted with mattresses and the addition of some willing participants. 看到多米诺骨牌游戏取代床垫和另外一些愿意参加。 Staff at Bensons for Beds in Tewkesbury, Gloucestershire, set up a whopping 41 mattresses across… Read More

How Politician Do Business- very smart‏

1) Korean Man said, ‘I build 2nd bridge need 300K; 100K for material, 100K for handwork, 100K for profit.’ 2) American Man said, ‘I build 2nd bridge need 600K; 200K for material, American’s material da best, 200K for handwork, American’s handwork da best, 200K for profit, American’s living standard high.’ 3) Politician Man said, ‘I… Read More

Hi, I saw U this morning..‏

Hey, I saw U this morning on your way to work. I called out to U but U were in a big hurry & U didn’t hear me……………….I knew U wouldn’t believe me so I took a picture to show U. (scroll down) (scroll down) (scroll down) (scroll down) (scroll down) Have a great day,… Read More


see this from my email – share with you- how about this one ? wakakakakakaka~~~