Filipino Muslim widow Bai Ulan Kudanding’s children and grandchildren shout “Mabuhay si Lola” as they pose for a photo in General Santos city in southern Philippines

Here shows Filipino Muslim widow Bai Ulan Kudanding with her 247 Grandchildren who all shouted ‘Mabuhay si Lola” (Long Live Grandma). It was taken in General Santos City, Philippines. She is seated in the center and what is great with her is that she knows and still remember all the names of her grandchildren. Her… Read More


Cardboard Cameras by Kiel Johnson

Photography enthusiasts should enjoy the cardboard creations of Kiel Johnson. From simple pieces of thick paper cutouts, Johnson carefully crafts cameras we’ve grown to love and have seen become discontinued. Included in his work are the 8mm, the point and shoot, Polaroid, and even the latest DSLRs. Vian swipelife


Wear in Fashion-Nike shoes with social netwok

Here is some Google shoes , firefox shoes , facebook shoes , yahoo shoes , twitter shoes , youtube shoes , tumblr shoes , ishiok shoes , sample —- Wear your feet in fashion, Which design you will buy? I ❤ Facebook and Yahoo, how about you?


3D Paper Carft

Bert Simons用3D建模的方式创作的3D真人纸塑。 第一步是建立三维模型,Bert会在模特脸上放置很多采集点,将采集的数据导入开源的3D软件Blender。再把三维的模型分解输入到二维的平面,纸张或其他材质。最后,将所有部分拼贴起来,形成3D立体的真人纸塑。 你想要“你”的立体真人纸塑吗?




BABY-mandarine cover

Justine Bieber-BABY(mandarin cover)

Justin Bieber – Baby (Mandarin version Cover) by The Remnant 例外人 Follow them on Facebook This is awesome! Nice and sweet vocal~ recommended listen.

oh~you are so HOT-preview

Oh~ You are so HOT!!!


Window Error Art

Most of my friend around me usually get MAD bout window OS when is coming “haging” mode. But someone using it to create a art. Wow…and is very attract people the young people~ and is very awesome!