视频:摩托车与汽车碰刮漏油 车主瞬间变火人(Youtube)

天津北方网讯:近日,在浙江省衢州市高新园区某企业内道路上,发生一起轿车和二轮摩托车相撞的交通事故。摩托车被撞倒地后,汽油洒落后起火,并引燃摩托车驾驶员的衣服,摩托车驾驶员被烧伤,之后被紧急送往衢化医院烧伤科救治。记者从医院方面了解到,摩托车驾驶员全身30%深度烧伤,生命垂危,目前在重症监护室等待进一步观察…… 真的是超级的危险~ 资料来源:


Modified Cars & Vans From Japan

Here is Japanese’s modified cars , the car model is old , but Japanese still can get it to modify till it is very shiok …. seem just a normal / usual car that we can see on the road … anywhere , here come … Is this approve by the government ? i mean… Read More



Best First Blood Impact Kill EVER! 一宗墜機意外,奪去 19條人命,罪魁禍首竟是一條鱷魚。非洲中部剛果民主共和國( Democratic Republic of Congo)一架小型飛機在降落前。


The Worst Woman Driver EVER

请注意您家的老婆/太太真的会驾车或停车 以下片段将让你从新考虑您的伴侣/老婆真的适合‘停车’ – 为什么不要女人打油的原因,请看下面。。。 Woman Filling Gas(Stupid Girl) 也许你得从新思考是否让您的另外一半驾车了。。。


Drive but don’t talk

The tag line: “Don’t talk while he drives”. Yup this is an outdoor advertising campaign using disturbing photography to shock people out of talking to their friends and families on the phone while they are driving. Men and women are shown grimacing as blood spurts out from their telephones. This advertising is done by Bangalore… Read More

A Village without Road (River village)

A Village without Road . River village . A Village in Holland wherein u cant find a single road… all transportation are done by boats along…… but who care, not a problem as it is so so beautiful!!

Boeing B-787-Travelling in Style…‏

The most relax airplane in the world – Boeing B-787 Air Canada – Boeing B-787 好宽阔的座位 – Boeing B-787 Air France Boeing B-787 Air New Zealand Boeing B-787 Emirates Boeing B-787 Boeing B-787 Dining room Mini Boeing B-787 rest room  – Etihad Boeing B-787 Boeing B-787 TV room Boeing B-787 cinema – Boeing B-787 for… Read More

Most Dangerous Airport In The World

Most Dangerous Airport In The World Keep Your Head Down!!‏ Location – Sint Maarten , St. Martin at Caribbean Sea – Seaside Airport – mayday mayday !!! Corsair almost get crash  ———- US Airways Down  = Oh —– Where the plane fly to?

Proton At ArabSaudi Vs Malaysia

Proton at Arab Saudi is cheaper then Proton in Malaysia ??? Mercedes at europe cheaper then Mercedes Malaysia – fair – but how about Proton ====== An email from Mr.Lee —- Kenapa Proton’s Malaysia  tak jual harga macam kat Arab Saudi? Apa istimewanya orang Arab? Kata †Rakyat didahulukan†â€|.. Kenapa orang Arab lebih diutamakan? > Harga… Read More