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Ten strange history of contraception史上十大怪异避孕法


BigHead – Children

You think your head is ‘big’ = This is the real Big Head From Thailand —- i got this information from a forward mail = saying that: 1 forward he will get 3.00 Thai baht‏ But how he got i ? that is useless ~

What is Heart Attack ?

A very good article which takes two minutes to read. I’m sending this to persons I care about…. I hope you do too!!! Heart Attacks And Drinking Warm Water This is a very good article. Not only about the warm water after your meal, but about Heart Attacks. The Chinese and Japanese drink hot tea… Read More

Parent- Please watch out –

this is a picture sent by TPKUA – She is only 14 month baby girl, survival from a fire accident, a half face was burned ….. Please , DO NOT let your children play / walk / around kitchen –