Only In Malaysia

This is a post talk about the thing will only happen in Malaysia – ::: use ‘home’ sit ? ::: what happen to the hand ? the door gate full of ??? sleep on a track banana hang on the ‘saman’ signboard – ::: accident – ::: advertisement ? interesting / ::: nike – water… Read More

unexplain picture

how u think for this picture ? any comment ? i got no point in here — what a ‘joke’ ?

helicopter accident

It iS not an easy thing to learn to control / drive a helicopter . well , just see this all accident . . . it is dangerous… ::: 6/21/05 – STOCKHOLM, Sweden I got this footage from last week.

20071015 – Sungai Wang Accident

this isn’t funny — GOt this picture from my friends email –

Police Nearly Got Hit by a Truck – Watch more free videos i see this feel nothing in the 1st sence – but after 00.35 minute – i was shock a while when seeing a car smash upon the police officer — that a “bit” only — woooossss

Funny Accidents at home

::: Funny Accidents at home – some funny accidents which can happen to everyone 😉 ::: some of the shot here – isnt funny — because it was real real accident –

water accident

water accident water accidents real funny got to see this???? i think this isn’t funny —

female driver | 女孩驾车 (danger)

Birds Vs Planes

Birds Vs Planes. So what happens when birds meet aircrafts in the sky? Well here are a few photos that speak much louder than words. (Image: Credit). (Image credit: Scribd). (Image credit: Flickzzz).