Smart Pills

A “Smart Pill” reminds patients via SMS to take their medicines… sound crazy right? check out for more interesting detail(s): (i) CTIA Proteus Biomedical: A $100B industry (ii) Proteus Aims to Boost IQ of Prescription Drugs TV press: “Smart Pill” reminds patients to take their meds

are u willing – gobald

are u willing to go bald for children who got cancer – This year is the 2nd year to have this special activity. Kids Cancer Exhibition: 10-15 May 2010 Go Bald Day: 16 May 2010 Let support this if you have the courage to Go Bald. If not, please support the donation for the society…. Read More

Anorexic | 厌食症

Anorexic | 厌食症 Paris, France — In the capital of high fashion and ultrathin models, conservative French legislators adopted a pioneering law on Tuesday aimed at stifling a proliferation of Web sites that promote eating disorders with “thinspiration” and starvation tips…If passed, it would take aim at any means of mass communication — including magazines… Read More

Chicken Wing

I love chicken wings!!!!! Chicken Wings – Its Dangerous Avoid eating chicken wings frequently – ladies, especially; a true story…! A friend of mine recently had a growth in her womb and she underwent an operation to remove the. The cyst removed was filled with a dark colored blood. She thought that she would be… Read More

Advertisement for blood donation

Advertisement for blood donation – 噴鼻血!!!誇 張 –