Gigapxl Project – 40 Gigapixel Photo you never test before!



Steampunk USB

For creating such unusual memory key in steampunk style you would need some wood, a few old pocket watches and a lot of talent and creativity. All featured bellow memory keys were created by artist from United Kingdom under nick back2root. The corps of USB drives were made out of different types of wood: Ebony,… Read More


Just mouse? 它只是个键鼠?

Make your time spent with the computer more interesting and amusing by using this thing. 如果有一天,你厌倦一般的键鼠设计时,也许你可以用一用像这样非一般的键鼠。 This G-Sport mouse is designed by Andy Kurovets,Yanko Design

iCar iPhone

Coolest iPhone APP (iCar iPhone App)

iCar Remote. It’s basically a remote control for your car. Control windows and even drive it! Awesome. Get it from the APP STORE off your iphone. Also on some websites! iPHONE 苹果手机能够当汽车遥控 。 简称为 汽车遥控苹果手机 – iPhone iPorsche Remote app iPhone iCar for Honda 看了后,你相信这是真的吗?


Laptop need fashion too :P

sometime, laptop need fashion to survive too… 😛



BewareOfFakeMoney (RM)

Please Beware of Fake Money – Ringgit Malaysia new note –

iPod Cases (Get Green)

在这里,加拿大温哥华编织设计表明,重用旧录音带可以环保。然而复古还是可以使用旧的录音卡带- Here, Canadian Contexture Design of Vancouver demonstrates that retro can still fire the fuel of “greenovation,” with their latest line of slick lookin’ line of iPod cases made from tapes found at their local thrift stores… 真的是创意十足哦~ 然而这些 iPod nano 卡带的价格不菲 :- CAD 45.00  加拿大钱 — 贵还是便宜? 你决定? 更多相关资料:-

Diy a NoteBook

If You think you are poor to have a notebook or laptop , maybe this is one way to build your own notebook . Or you want to let go your BIG PC , just tranform your Desktop PC into a small box (PC to Notebook size ?) I feel shiok while i see this… Read More