Steampunk USB

For creating such unusual memory key in steampunk style you would need some wood, a few old pocket watches and a lot of talent and creativity. All featured bellow memory keys were created by artist from United Kingdom under nick back2root. The corps of USB drives were made out of different types of wood: Ebony, Padauk and even such exotic wood as Tiger Myrtle. The creation of each device took up to 12 hours and up to 8 old pocket watches. The beautiful results of such hard work you could see below. Enjoy!

iCar iPhone

Coolest iPhone APP (iCar iPhone App)

iCar Remote. It’s basically a remote control for your car. Control windows and even drive it! Awesome. Get it from the APP STORE off your iphone. Also on some websites!

iPHONE 苹果手机能够当汽车遥控 。 简称为 汽车遥控苹果手机 –

iPhone iPorsche Remote app

iPhone iCar for Honda


iPod Cases (Get Green)


Here, Canadian Contexture Design of Vancouver demonstrates that retro can still fire the fuel of “greenovation,” with their latest line of slick lookin’ line of iPod cases made from tapes found at their local thrift stores…


然而这些 iPod nano 卡带的价格不菲 :- CAD 45.00  加拿大钱 —
贵还是便宜? 你决定?

Diy a NoteBook

If You think you are poor to have a notebook or laptop , maybe this is one way to build your own notebook .

Or you want to let go your BIG PC , just tranform your Desktop PC into a small box (PC to Notebook size ?)

I feel shiok while i see this notebook , as i think i’m gonna buy a notebook , so i search on google :- cheap notebook, diy notebook , diy laptop , cheap cheap laptop , mini notebook , small notebook , but what i get all is still ‘expensive’ –

But after a while , i found this . . . .. .

The Poor Mans Notebook , below is the specification :-

-Pentium Dual Core E5200
-2.5 GHz, 2MB L2, 800Mhz
-2x 2GB Corsair DDR2 PC6400
-GeForce 7100 Integrated GPU
-8” Touch Screen LCD
-Netgear WG111 802.11G
-Bluetooth 2.1-EDR

with a few step you will have your own ‘notebook’ —

u need to prepare a casing , seem like a camera casing ? sound system casing ? or other equipment casing ?

a computer processor ?

a mother board /.

hardisk , keyboard , mouse , try to operate it 1st .

then fixed it in the box / casing.

review a while .

a touch screen lcd. you may change to use a normal LCD .

then it will look like this . without the ‘closing case’ , this is notyet finish …

then make a cover for it . and it will look like ‘pro’ , right ?

haha – “FORCE” ?

More details on the ‘notebook’ –

so to do the comparison , below will show the picture of  normal notebook , apple macbook ,

so how you think ? are you feeling to have one ?

and it doesn’t cost much …  below is the Youtube on how the notebook operate .

i don’t like the ‘fan sound’ it is too noisy for me that i can keep my ears relax while i’m doing work…

but it is the only information i know on how to create / build our own ‘cheap cheap’ note book .

Refer From :-


Another Job From danielspalding ,  it is really cool – because all the spec is use from a desktop PC , and the ‘notebook,

Let see how he do –

-Intel D945GCLF2 Dual Core 1.6Ghz Atom Motherboard
-1x 2GB Kingston DDR2-800
-160GB WD8000JS HDD
-Bluetooth 2.1 EDR
-Wireless 802.11n
-14.2in LCD

So how you think of it ?

Can you Build / DIY your own ‘notebook’ now ?

So the price had been bit up to USD299 in ? So, is that cheap or expensive ? since the weight is ‘5KG’ ?!?!hahaha – the lover might feel that this is ‘cute’ ?

Maybe You can transform your old PC into a mini Notebook / laptop ? or Change your PC casing into a small ‘bag casing’ ? haha—-

If the above item still expensive for you ? maybe build with wooden ? and yet it is more ‘green’ –  😛

IF Still Expensive ? what more to say , use your home table ?

just like this ?  —-

All the picture is come from :-

hahaha, share with you that this is  just another shiok thing for me —-

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