Gigapxl Project – 40 Gigapixel Photo you never test before!




这是一个魔术 – 起初看的时候觉得蛮有趣的。 所以我也学与自己的好友分享 = 哈哈~ Magic

sign for002

Sign from 签名的艺术

look at the signature above, what would you think is about? is a signature or an animal sign?

10 steps of Excercises

十招動作,一生受用無窮.每天做20次,百病不侵. Ten Styles of body exercise – Twenty times a day every day, sickness will not come to you. Step1 Step2 Step3 Step4 Step5 Step6 Step7 Step8 Step9 Step10

HollowMan from china

Liu Bolin, 36-year-old . Artist From China = 10 Hours for a picture taking / make up / color himself – Road Block i can’t really get where he is … take few second to find out where is he – with a train with a flag ~ this is really scary =.= ! if… Read More

How To Jump Over A Car!

FOUND this in Youtube – ** Three Steps To Success ** Helping you to answer life’s harder questions… in three simple steps! Episode #04: How To Jump Over A Car If you’ve ever found yourself in that dreaded situation where a small-sized car is coming barreling towards you – and there is no escape to… Read More

Mixed Links & Images

City Lounge: stadtlounge (city lounge) situated in the centre of st.gallen in Switzerland by artist Pipilotti Rist and the Carlos Martinez architectural firm is the result of a design competition to create a ‘public living room’ in the financial district of the area. The Stadtlounge opened on November 3, 2005 The Twilight Zone – Tokyo…. Read More

How Begger Create Open Wounds‏

1. Material – red ink, cotton pad,white glue, tooth pick (tiny sticks). cotton wool, if no red ink you can use animal blood. 2. Use white glue o create the wound surrounding. 3. Wait for the glue to dry. 4. Use tooth pick to create the wound area. 5. Use a dishwasher pad to spread… Read More

Follicle Reference Hats

First off let me say that I am a HUGE fan of Nagi Noda’s! This Japanese phenom was the creator of one of the strangest things I ever saw on the web. A video called “Ex Fat Girl” and features white poodles exercising to music. Check it out here. Her latest project is possibly as… Read More