The World’s First Flying Hotel!

Stay Hotel in a Helicopter – 直升机的酒店 –

No matter where we fly, there are no worry for residency.
AirPlane providing hotel for their customers who consume their services.
May be you might wonder how is the quality inside the airplane, with no doubt i may say is perfectly contented.

The company are using hotel+helicopter = hotelicopter,
is actually also a airplane but providing different services that really amaze people.

一看就知道很高科技 –

而且, 感觉很稳吧 –

还有 ‘护航’ ?



外国佬真的是很厉害 –

什么都可以变成可能 –

这就是所谓的 【飞行酒店】,【空中酒店】,【直升机酒店】,【air’s hotel】

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Bedroom design

Ever desire what kind of bedroom you wishing for?
Here are some of the design that can share with you, hope that it can help you something.
Do create a comfortable and relaxant surrounding which are able calm your mind and your physical stress.

A children bedroom ?

Living room + bedroom = livingbed room?

Shining pink, shows warm.

This is more to office workers which belongs to high virtue and self-control

A whole family likes pink?

Kindly know how to take care the cleanliness of house.

Unimaginable queen’s bedroom? Fairy tale bedroom.

Save space and look good

This is wonderful for a student.

Hidden Door

看到这些 – 隐藏的门 ?柜?等等 —

你觉得隐藏的门是不是新的东西? 其实它们已经存在的远古时代。

而且这些可以追溯到公元1000年,在某些情况下建设者还有为这些秘密门-雕像- 很多是人们不曾知道的秘密。




在2002年,朱迪福斯特的电影真正使这些 ‘安全房’ 广受欢迎 ; 但这些都是一般名人和官员的高姿态(住处)。

::: 柜子背后的隐秘处


书橱背后原来是房间 —-

开门后即可下楼梯~ 看似是门,确实柜子。。。


是门是橱 – 你决定 –

不是门的橱 –

还有其他各种各类的原因存在, 其它功能如- 安全或掩盖的墓穴或隐藏。


有一个入口,一个房间或通过后面的楼 梯,墙壁板,一幅画,一个书架,一个柜子或镜像?


相信有不 少公司,专门从事这些隐藏/秘密门可以为你提供服务的。


楼梯都能够秘密 ‘封锁’ —

很 SHiOK 吗? 就为自己建议间吧~~

Amazing Staircases‏

Here is the design of the picture “staircase”

Where should i step =

Save a lot of space –

It’s an ingenious way to store books that allow the tenants to access a previously unused loft space while also creating a library for their book collection making it easy to see all the titles, and every each stair allows the book browser to take a seat while perusing the selection.

The stairs is designed for unusual approach to problem solving. The stairs showing that construct with continuous strips of hot-rolled steel. These fluid and eye-catching stairs certainly do the job.

For people living in super tight spaces, these steep and narrow stairs occupy a space hardly bigger than a closet, and are made of economical pine boxes.

staircase with Rainbow color =

Watch out – You may fall down-

Shiok – this is just awesome –

Save money by purchasing standalone flat-pack stairs that double as storage furniture. where creative landlords fit more people into a flat by making use of the high ceilings.

This staircase build just like a door –=–

This one make me confusing –

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