Best First Blood Impact Kill EVER! 一宗墜機意外,奪去 19條人命,罪魁禍首竟是一條鱷魚。非洲中部剛果民主共和國( Democratic Republic of Congo)一架小型飛機在降落前。

Boeing B-787-Travelling in Style…‏

The most relax airplane in the world – Boeing B-787 Air Canada – Boeing B-787 好宽阔的座位 – Boeing B-787 Air France Boeing B-787 Air New Zealand Boeing B-787 Emirates Boeing B-787 Boeing B-787 Dining room Mini Boeing B-787 rest room  – Etihad Boeing B-787 Boeing B-787 TV room Boeing B-787 cinema – Boeing B-787 for… Read More

Most Dangerous Airport In The World

Most Dangerous Airport In The World Keep Your Head Down!!‏ Location – Sint Maarten , St. Martin at Caribbean Sea – Seaside Airport – mayday mayday !!! Corsair almost get crash  ———- US Airways Down  = Oh —– Where the plane fly to?

The World’s First Flying Hotel!

Stay Hotel in a Helicopter – 直升机的酒店 – No matter where we fly, there are no worry for residency. AirPlane providing hotel for their customers who consume their services. May be you might wonder how is the quality inside the airplane, with no doubt i may say is perfectly contented. The company are using hotel+helicopter… Read More

Transformed Airplanes

Transformed Airplanes  |  转变飞机 你有没有想过或给予认为会发生什么变化的退休或退役的飞机一旦他们的飞行时代已经一去不复返了?他们当中许多人分手和机身是抛售铝废料。只有少数摆脱为此获得变成个人住宅,酒店,旅馆,和咖啡馆。这些属于少数。 Have you ever wondered or given a thought to what happens to the retired or decommissioned airliners once their flying days are over? Many of them are parted out and the fuselage is sold off as aluminum scrap. Only a few get away from this end and get transformed into… Read More

United Airlines breaks Guitar

details from :- In the spring of 2008, Sons of Maxwell were traveling to Nebraska for a one-week tour and my Taylor guitar was witnessed being thrown by United Airlines baggage handlers in Chicago. I discovered later that the $3500 guitar was severely damaged. They didnt deny the experience occurred but for nine months… Read More

Return of Atlantis STS-125 Hubnble Mission

::: STS-125 Space Shuttle Atlantis Flies On The Back of A 747

1st Flight Out?

If you are first time traveling by air-plane.. How will you fasten your belt? See This Picture – 1ST fly ? Anyway, is creative huh!? Please- follow the instruction given by stewardess

helicopter accident

It iS not an easy thing to learn to control / drive a helicopter . well , just see this all accident . . . it is dangerous… ::: 6/21/05 – STOCKHOLM, Sweden I got this footage from last week.