Rock Balancing

Rock Balancing Season is Here Again — This man is doing the rock ‘balancing’ – He make it ‘easily’ — it was unbelievable , right ? even a small little rock is possible to take the part … wow — seem like want to falling down — Not sliding down ? wa —- take a… Read More


You couldn’t blow one this big with a wand and some soapy water, no matter how long you huffed and puffed. The shimmering giant, thought to be the world’s largest free-floating soap bubble, was created with a piece of rope between two sticks and a top secret bubble solution. It is the work of ‘bubbleologist’… Read More

Mattress dominoes world record attempt

他们都掉了下来:床垫多米诺骨牌世界纪录尝试 A new unique world record is on the cards after staff at a furniture warehouse made a video of themselves playing mattress dominoes. 一个新的世界纪录是在卡后,工作人员在一个家具仓库提出了自己的视频播放床垫多米诺骨牌。 The game sees dominoes substituted with mattresses and the addition of some willing participants. 看到多米诺骨牌游戏取代床垫和另外一些愿意参加。 Staff at Bensons for Beds in Tewkesbury, Gloucestershire, set up a whopping 41 mattresses across… Read More