Mission Imporsible | 不可能任务

People Are Awesome 大家应该没有可能做到的任务 – See more funny videos and funny pictures at CollegeHumor. 看了这么多,究竟还会有什么人们可以去冒险的呢?


全新佳肴“水煮活猫”, 火辣登场!


Giant Found In Greece (video) 巨人

才刚收到来自 – Lilomag.com 的消息 – 来自于希腊,超自然的巨人 – 大过人类好几倍 – 这些惊人的照片是从最近在希腊考古发现,这完全出乎我意料之外找到furnishes的存在证明“菲利姆”。 菲利姆是用来描述在谈到圣经时代的诺以及巨人大卫斗巨人的字(巨人)。 人们普遍认为,这些巨人大多是什么时候倒下的天使与人间女子的结合。 请注意头骨难以置信的大小… 根6:4(贝内莹,堕落的天使) 有在那些日子里地球巨人;并在此之后,当上帝在祂的儿子来到女儿的男子,他们承担他们的孩子,同样成为其中的勇士老,有名的人。 序号13:33 而且我们看到了巨人的安克,其中的巨人来到儿子:我们在我们自己的视线被作为蝗虫,所以我们在他们的视线。 ::: Giant Human Skeletons Was Found in Greece! More link : nationalgeographic.com Got this Information From : http://urbanlegends.about.com/od/supernaturalwonders/ss/giants_in_greece.htm Example #1: Email contributed by Karen M., March 21, 2010: Giants Found in Greece I thought this was really cool,… Read More

Shocking story of Half Man Half Tree

32 year old Dede lives in a remote village in Indonesia with his two children, trying to care for them. Dede, a former fisherman, has an extraordinary skin condition: he has root like structures growing out of his body – branches that can grow up to 5cm a year and which protrude from his hands… Read More