Ten strange history of contraception史上十大怪异避孕法



Why cant shave or pull the Armpit? Now they all dint shave 為何不要拔或剃腋毛

真实消息:曾经演唱过《寂寞在唱歌》、《叶子》的歌手阿桑,因为去年十月罹患乳癌末期,在2009年4月6日早上八点半,病逝于新店慈济医院,年仅34岁。 歌手阿桑 為何不要拔或剃腋毛 : 為何乳癌最常發生在靠近腋窩的地方?

Children Disease ~

The mother is 29 years old her baby girl by the name Manuela has a very Rare Disease and she needs to have an operation but the parents cannot afford – What can we say …. This is so sad !!!!! So, NEVER Complain GOD HOW BIG YOUR PROBLEM IS ….. ‘NEVER TELL GOD HOW… Read More

Brain Cancer

We receive a Forward Mail from a supporter / reader …. With a Very SHiOK / Shock Picture . Title : THIS IS VERY SAD….. PLS FORWARD AS MANY AS U CAN If you delete this … you seriously don’t have a heart. Hi, I am a 29 year old father. Me and my wife… Read More