Vibram Five Finger Shoes 2011

Vibram’s FiveFingers line of foot-glove shoes has taken off this year like gangbusters. Here some photograph is preview of the 2011 line, where the company will expand on its road running collection with the Bikila LS model. It has an off-center speed lacing system and a new type of sole.

Vibram FiveFingers Bikila LS
Close-up of the Bikila LS sole

FiveFingers KomodoSport
FiveFingers Jaya

Also, latest news: In 2011, Vibram will be launching its first-ever FiveFingers children’s collection. but sadly no pics available for the kiddie foot-gloves yet.

NO such shoes!

If this kind of shoes really appear in market, will you buy and wear it?
Whose idea is this?
Do let me know if anyone of you knew who is the designer.
Anyway, have to admit his/her talent too for having such idea.
Using fish as our shoes? rats? human legs?
Imagine! you go to anywhere you think you can be, just name it. Every once you talk to someone then a stench smell approach to you or the one who talking to you.
How you feel ?!

Imagine! Shoes provide your leg safety and comfortable surface rather than you step on the earth sense the temperature of earth!
Take the ‘fish’s’ shoes for example.. your sole feel cool, and smooth and your nose enjoying the smell?!!


Shoes of fish!

Shoes of Asian’s leg

Shoes of Mat Salleh’s leg

Shoes of rats

fun with toilet paper

Creativity with toilet paper.

Toilet paper for the rich: these toilet papers come in four gorgeous colors, which are said to be soft & silky. Apart from this the cost to make it feel special: in gift packages of three for $15 to $20 compared to a regular pack of six wrapped in plastic retails for $ 13 to $ 15.

Another interesting one

With this Sudoku toilet paper all you need to do is to keep a pen on the back of your toilet.

A great way to get back at some one in a humorous way as this toilet paper is the only toilet paper that will not tear!

Another one of the funny toilet paper