Modified Cars & Vans From Japan

Here is Japanese’s modified cars , the car model is old , but Japanese still can get it to modify till it is very shiok ….

seem just a normal / usual car that we can see on the road …

anywhere , here come …

Is this approve by the government ? i mean Singapore ? or Asian Country ?

I don’t think so ….

i think this is only for those who really got budget to modify the car ….

Can’t believe what will happen if we saw it at our own country …

This is Shiok ….

Oh …. No !!!! this gonna blow you away ….

It’s funny ….

what is this ?

This is bad … i don’t think this is special ? ~

Here are some [Van] Modified series …

Is this transformer 4th generation ? ~

With Mickey mouse ? Oh … Funny  –

But i think i will love this much …

better then the previous ‘car modified’ –

For sure , every one who saw this car , will love and take picture with it …

Wow …. So long ‘tail’ ——

i don’t like this –

well , give some comment , if you like this post …

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