WORLD RECORD GUITAR SPEED 2008 – Guinness World Records

This guy is really fast in guitar lead playing – 320bpm – lead guitar performance –

::: WORLD RECORD GUITAR SPEED 2008 – Guinness World Records

So let see the YouTube performance –

The certificate of the Guinness World records , you can find the link below:-

I would say that this video is just to show my expertise, I do music and speed it is simply a supplement, but realized many people in recent months saying that the record was not true, many have tried, and say that the guitarist is more fast the world is easy, but officially you have to have a certificate

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Guinness claim ID 211729. EM&T school music This in may 2008. This is NOT a music video, or musical in nature, I have other videos for music. This is ONLY a demonstration of alternate picking speed, and the technique used to obtain that speed on the music “flight of the bumble bee. Keep the video responses coming.

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SO – Lets go and have the guitar practise ?

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