Only In Malaysia

This is a post talk about the thing will only happen in Malaysia –

::: use ‘home’ sit ?

::: what happen to the hand ?

the door gate full of ???

sleep on a track

banana hang on the ‘saman’ signboard –

::: accident –

::: advertisement ? interesting /

::: nike –

water paip repairing –

tin on the ‘tiang’ ?

can’t cross over ?

who make this happen ?

sleeping in class –

helmet on a tree .

the arrow ? just make the accident happen ?

door gate with shoes —

wow , this is extreme .  MALAYSIA BOLEH –

KELUAR – GO oUT by jump out?

what is this ? how it happen  ?

yea – accident

too far until the lorry can’t get back .

the car is out of park ?

TOUCH – but can’t go – 😛

which year this made?

who willing to buy this house . will be very ‘cool’ –

so all of this is just IN MALAYSIA ——-



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