Funny Wallpaper

This wallpaper consist of 6 different types of emotions.
Every emotions using different ways to illustrate. Do use your mind to think.
What do you really understand from this few wallpaper and you might get different impression

Men are always black sheep? Does it mean the black sheep consider as dirty sheep?

Do sleeping beauty have that long hair and tied up her prince? Just like what has shown above?

This dog..
Looking at U..
Say :
Why you not here?

Hiding a men underneath my bed.
Hoping silly chef won’t discover him

Don’t doubt on me, i might be a genius scientist which different from human.

Beware of me, i am FIB next generation. You come i bite you up.

Do space appear cat head? Just like Tom & Jerry

Hush Puppies too hot.

I am tired of working !! SO DO I !!

Plz plz.. Dun hurt me.
are they watching scary movie or action movie?

Bad environment bad facilities

Take a smile…

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