India climbing inverted odd men

据英国媒体23日报道,居住在印度南部的一位22岁男子Jyothi Raj拥有徒手攀爬高墙的技能,堪比漫画人物“蜘蛛侠”。
According to British media reports, living in southern India, a 22-year-old man has a hand Jyothi Raj wall climbing skills, comparable to comic characters, “Spider-Man.”

Jyothi weekend will be to show the local tourist attractions climbing, always attract a lot of people watch.

印度的“蜘蛛侠” India’s “Spider-Man”

印度的“蜘蛛侠” India’s “Spider-Man”

印度的“蜘蛛侠” India’s “Spider-Man”

He was found four years ago, they have such incredible climbing ability.

His Youtube – 他的片段 –

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