porsche commercial spot

今天想与大家分享 Porsche 的广告。。。

Today, I want to share with you the Porsche ads. . .

::: A porsche commercial spot

This is not a ‘shiok’ story – i just have a little comment for this .

我对这部短片有点意见。 对整部的概念其实都很好。只是。。。。。

I had some views on this video. On the whole concept is quite satisfactory. Only. . . . .
Perhaps in the rear when the child can grow up more can be achieved, he owns the course of the car.
I guess it should be more moved by the right edge. . .

::: 然而这部我就蛮喜欢的。 看了会感觉很惊讶,感叹人类‘创造的能力’ –
::: But this I quite like the idea. Feel very surprised to read, sigh human ‘creative’ —

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