iCalvyn.com offer me $25 !!!

Yeah – this is a money come come post –

I post this because one of the friends give a very good good good offer –

that is, he will give out [[[ Google adwords $25USD voucher ]]] ….

I don’y know this is ‘many’ for blogger or not , but i understand that i can use the voucher to get promote ishiok.com by using the google ads voucher –

So , I hope that i can get that voucher , thats why I post about this … but some how i don’t know what should i post =

But since he ‘mention’ that we must introduce about his website – related—

Give a simple review 100 to 150 word, told your readers iCalvyn.com is giving out free $25 Google Adwords Voucher, and link back to iCalvyn.com especially this pages.

So , i also told you:  iCalvyn.com is giving out free $25 Google Adwords Voucher, and link back to   iCalvyn.comespecially this pages.

For more information , visit http://www.icalvyn.com/free-25-google-adwords-voucher – and be the 1st to get  the voucher now —-

so iCalvyn.com , i ready post it here – :) hopefully i got the $25 Google Adwords Voucher , although there is only  5X Google adwords $25USD voucher , still hope to have the voucher and get promote of    ‘ishiok.com‘  (ourself)  😛

for blogger who see this , welocome to comment and link back to ‘ ishiok.com ‘ – thanks and support –



  1. i thinks so , hope i can got the voucher –

    icalvyn.com is just email – i will post out after i receive it :)

    so do support now >? go to his website – gogo –

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