NO such shoes!

If this kind of shoes really appear in market, will you buy and wear it?
Whose idea is this?
Do let me know if anyone of you knew who is the designer.
Anyway, have to admit his/her talent too for having such idea.
Using fish as our shoes? rats? human legs?
Imagine! you go to anywhere you think you can be, just name it. Every once you talk to someone then a stench smell approach to you or the one who talking to you.
How you feel ?!

Imagine! Shoes provide your leg safety and comfortable surface rather than you step on the earth sense the temperature of earth!
Take the ‘fish’s’ shoes for example.. your sole feel cool, and smooth and your nose enjoying the smell?!!


Shoes of fish!

Shoes of Asian’s leg

Shoes of Mat Salleh’s leg

Shoes of rats

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