BigHead – Children

You think your head is ‘big’ =

This is the real Big Head From Thailand —-

i got this information from a forward mail = saying that:

1 forward he will get 3.00 Thai baht‏

But how he got i ?

that is useless ~



  1. this is what we called hydrocephalus.the child is borne with normal head but when the times goes by,the head become big due to the obstruction of the CSF..when the CSF is obstructed,it will be accumulate in the skull..the skull of child is soft then it will change in shape due to the pressure..but it will stop growing until the bone of skull totally rigid..hope this help hamid

  2. so how long did it take for the baby’s head to grow to this much and after the operation will he be able to grow like all the other normal kids?? and wat are the signs that your baby has hydrocephalus and im sure the operation is very expensive hey??
    i just hope and pray that the operation will be a success

  3. This is a real story .

    thats really sad and feel upset – if we got a baby like him .

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