The Trons: self-playing robot band (无人乐团)

不同任何人伴奏的乐团 — 厉害—- COOL

We’ll admit, we reckoned we were coming along alright with our bar chords, but now we’re teetering on the edge of just giving up. Yeah, we’ve seen robotic mechanisms programmed to make meaningful sounds before, but The Trons are a bona fide band, man. We hear they’re going on tour as well — talk about a guaranteed sell out. Totally killer Sister Robot video after the jump.


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switzerlander shoes

WENGER – makers of the Swiss Army Knife brand have expanded once into many arenas including time pieces, apparel, home cutlery and luggage. Well they added one more tool to their multi-functional portfolio. Their new line of casual/athletic shoes just might turn out to be a new addition to my lust list. Their first few designs are sleek, minimal and tastefully adorned with the Swiss Army logo. Hard to stay neutral over.

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A Best Friend Teddy

There are millions of children bed ridden to hospitals unable to participate in schooling and extra curricular activities. Many lack fully developed socialization skills due to isolation from their peers. Dilus, an electronic teddy bear aids in socialization, entertainment, communication, and education.

The genesis came from field research into children permanently placed in hospitals. The detachment can directly affect how well and how much they learn. Dilus uses holographic technology to help these children adapt. They can use it to follow along in class, watch educational TV, and interact with other kids equipped with the bear. Essentially it’s a tool, a portal of sorts and their best friend. It also has the added benefit of being made from an electronic polymer fully customizable to each child.

Designer: Bruno Oro de Abreu