Elegant Trash Bin?

It seems like those words just don’t belong together. When can anything that holds trash be elegant? Well, when Li Jianye designs one it can. Let me introduce you to my new friend Flexibin. This little Flexibin was designed for someone like me, who has a pile of plastic grocery store bags piled up in a box in the Laundry room. Now, those pesky little plastic bags can be put to good use with Flexibin. With its flexible wire frame, the bin can hold any size plastic bag, thus transforming itself into and elegant and very functional waste bin. Ok Li Jianye, let me know when they are available – I need one for each room in my house.

Designer: Li Jianye

City Lounge (3) 1

Mixed Links & Images

City Lounge (3) 1
City Lounge (3) 2
City Lounge (3) 3City Lounge: stadtlounge (city lounge) situated in the centre of st.gallen in Switzerland by artist Pipilotti Rist and the Carlos Martinez architectural firm is the result of a design competition to create a ‘public living room’ in the financial district of the area. The Stadtlounge opened on November 3, 2005

The Twilight Zone – Tokyo.

a view of tokyo from staircasesBad hair day: These people seems to have a very bad hair day.

bad hair day (4) 1
bad hair day (4) 2
bad hair day (4) 3
(Image: Credit).

bad hair day (4) 4(Imag: Credit).

stone overload  (2) 1
stone overload  (2) 2This stone is definitely an overload.

Habitat 67: An interestingly designed housing complex by architect Moshe Safdie in Montreal Quebec Canada as part of his master thesis at McGill University. Link.

Habitat 67(Image: Credit).

advertisement campaignThis seems to be a part of some kind of advertisement campaign.

 interesting advertisement (Image: Credit).
An interesting advertisement which a realistic effect.

A car vending machine2A car vending machine: This one comes from Japan where there are plenty of interesting vending machines and here we have one holding a full-size Smart Car. It’s not really a fully functional vending machine, the artificial vending machine has two choices (coupe and cabrio), and a convenient slot to insert the amount you need (about $20k). Push the button & it dispenses a tube containing pamphlets on the new models, supplier information, and a sheet of Smart Car stickers featuring the available colors.

transportationNow who needs transporters!

Classic VW Beetle TrailerClassic VW Beetle Trailer.

Blockenspiel…you know, for kids!

Bust out the aspirin and put down that toy AK-47 fully automatic machine gun you were thinking about buying Junior for his birthday and think about giving the gift of music. Check out the latest in getting your groove on like a tyke, this ‘AMK’ is a modular sound toy specially designed for preschool children. Kiddies can independently play and combine sounds through plugging these uniquely programmed music blocks. Designed by Berlin based PKNTS, this has my vote for a “minor” hit.

Designer: PKNTS Studio [ Video ]

In interaction with the computer, single sounds and entire sets can be transferred  to sound blocks.

The children can independently play and combine the sounds through plugging these blocks.

How Begger Create Open Wounds‏

1. Material – red ink, cotton pad,white glue, tooth pick (tiny sticks). cotton wool, if no red ink you can use animal blood.

2. Use white glue o create the wound surrounding.

3. Wait for the glue to dry.

4. Use tooth pick to create the wound area.

5. Use a dishwasher pad to spread the extra glue.

6. Use little drop of red ink to create the outside scratched area.

7. Use cotton pad with red ink (not too much) to strengthen the surrounding scratched area.

8. When dry, half done.

9. Use tooth pick to spread the glue to create the broken skin.

10. Use red ink to put at the inside of the glue.

11. Some place with more and some with less ink. Then will look more real.

12. Wait to dry.


Follicle Reference Hats

First off let me say that I am a HUGE fan of Nagi Noda’s! This Japanese phenom was the creator of one of the strangest things I ever saw on the web. A video called “Ex Fat Girl” and features white poodles exercising to music. Check it out here. Her latest project is possibly as bizarre and absolutely brilliant at the same time. “Hair Hats” are exactly as the name implies, hats made of hair in the shape of animals. These designs are simply one of the most unique inspirations since Theodore Geisel invented Dr. Seuss. Creator/designer Nagi Nora has worked with creative geniuses like Jack White of White Stripes, Scissor Sisters and one of my favorite artist Mark Ryden on a new clothing line called Broken Label.

Designer: Nagi Noda

Water + Wind = Fun

Water + Wind = Fun

What could be more fun than flying a kite or riding a Waverunner? Try both at the same time! That’s the basic idea behind the “Nereus” water craft by designer Mathias Koehler. Powered by none other than Mother Nature herself, this water craft can deliver hours of fuel free fun above and below the water. Steering is managed via foot pedals and the diving function is handled vie the hand grips controlling the pivoting fins at the base. Sailing into the wind is a simple as traditional zig zag tacking. I am still looking for the way to stop that does not include scissors or the wind to die down.

Designer: Mathias Koehler

Dream Vs Reality (7) 1

Dream Vs Reality

Dream Vs Reality.

Beautiful & creative ideas using Photoshop which depicts a wide range of emotions. From the grandma who wanted to be young again to the cat that wished it was a dog & few others. The creator of this set of photos did good work & made an excellent try to get a human & emotional touch to the series. Neat.

Dream Vs Reality (7) 1
Dream Vs Reality (7) 2
Dream Vs Reality (7) 3
Dream Vs Reality (7) 6
Dream Vs Reality (7) 5
Dream Vs Reality (7) 4
Dream Vs Reality (7) 7

MONKS in Today's China

選美佳麗去寺廟參觀 * Beauty Contestants are welcome in temples

和尚也交女朋友 * Monk can have girlfriend

上海靜安寺的尼姑,漂亮到爆燈,有沒有搞錯 … Shanghai nun; what a beauty

和尚踢足球,尼姑 ­ 怞 b 旁邊加油 … Monks play football as Nuns watch…

和尚打電動 … Monks go for electronic games

和尚吃肯德雞… Monks can even enjoy KFC’s

和尚上 ­x 訓課 … … Monks go for Military training!!

和尚也上網… 玩網路遊戲 … Monks browse & play video games on line

和尚與名車… Monks own porsh cars!!

和尚也炒股… Monks invest in stock markets

和尚也玩起衝鋒槍 * Monks opt for weapon training!!