14 feelings for a person going to die



U.S. psychologist Dr雷蒙德穆迪study were 150 near-death experience (experienced “clinical death” after the resuscitation of persons) of the case after the death of trying to kick the truth to people.

Despite the near-death experience occurred in situations, as well as the experience of the individual experience of the character have a huge difference, but is certain is that these people in the “near-death experience” in the statement, there is a similarity can not be ignored – general summed up in 14 that they occur in accordance with the feelings of the order.

1.明知死讯:他们亲耳听到医生或是在场的其他人明确宣告自己的死亡。 他会感觉到生理的衰竭到达极限。

1. Knowingly death: They heard at first hand the presence of a doctor or other person a clear declaration of his own death. He will feel that the failure to reach the physiological limit.

2.体验愉悦:“濒死体验”的初期有一种平和安详、令人愉悦的感受。 首先会感到疼痛,但是这种疼痛感一闪而过,随后会发觉自己悬浮在一个黑暗的维度中。 一种从未体验过的最舒服的感觉将他包围。

2. Experience the joy: “near-death experience” in a calm and serene early, it is the feeling of pleasure. First of all, will feel pain, but the pain flash, then found himself suspended in a dark dimension of.Never experienced a most uncomfortable feeling surrounded him.

3.奇怪声音:在“濒死”或者“死亡”的时候奇怪声音飘然而至。 一位年轻女子说,她听到一种类似乐曲的调子,那是一种美妙的曲调。

3. Strange voice: in the “dying” or “death” when the strange floating in the air and to voice. One young woman said she heard a similar tone music, it is a beautiful melody.

4.进入黑洞:有人反映他们感到被突然拉入一个黑暗的空间。 你会开始有所知觉,那就像一个没有空气的圆柱体,感觉上是一个过渡地带,一边是现世,一边是异域。

4. To enter the black hole: they reflect the feeling of being someone suddenly into a dark space. You will begin to be perceived, then there is no air like a cylinder, I feel it is a transitional zone, one side of this life, he is a foreign land.

5.灵魂脱体:发现自己站在了体外的某一处观察自己的躯壳。 一个落水的男人回忆说,他自己脱离了身体,独自处在一个空间中,仿佛自己是一片羽毛。

5. The soul from body: find yourself standing on the in vitro observation of a Department’s own body. Memories of a man who fell into the water, said out of his own body, in a space alone, as if he is a feather.

6.语言受限:他们竭力想告诉他人自身所处的困境,但没有人听到他们的话。 有一名女子说,我试着跟他们说话,但是没人能听到。

6. The language is limited: they would like to tell other people to the plight of their own, but no one heard them. One woman said that I tried to speak with them, but no one can hear.

7.时间消失:脱体状态下,对时间的感受消失了。 有人回忆说,那段时间里,他曾不停地出入自己的肉体。

7. Time to disappear: from physical state, feelings of time gone. It was recalled that during that time, he was kept out of their flesh.

8.感官灵敏:视觉、听觉比之前更加灵敏。 一个男子说,他从未看得如此清楚过,视力水平得到了不可思议的增强。

8. Sensory sensitivity: vision, hearing more sensitive than before. One man said he had never seen such a clear vision of the incredible level of strength.

9.孤独无助:在这之后,会出现强烈的孤立感和孤独感。 一位男子说,他无论怎样努力都无法和别人交流,所以,“我感到非常孤单”。

9. Lonely and helpless: After that, there will be a strong sense of isolation and loneliness. One man said that his efforts, no matter how other people can exchange and, therefore, “I feel very lonely.”

10.他“人”陪伴:这时,周围出现了别的“人”。 这个“人”,要么是来协助他们安然渡到亡者之国,要么是来告诉他们丧钟尚未敲响,得先回去再待一段时间。

10. His “people” with: At this time, around the emergence of other “people.” This “person”, either to help them cross safely to the country of the deceased, or to tell them that have not yet sounded the death knell, then you have to go back for some time.

11.出现亮光:在“濒死体验”最后的时刻,会出现亮光。 这道光具有某种“人性”,非常明确的“人性”。

11. There is light: in the “near-death experience” last time, there will be light. This light has a certain “human” very clear “human.”

12.回望人生:这个时候,当事人会对一生做一次全景式的回顾。 当亲历者用时间短语来描述它时,都是“一幕接着一幕,按事情发生的时间顺序移动的,甚至伴随着画面,当时的一些感觉和情感都得以重新体验”。亲历者

12. Looking back on life: this time, the parties will make a panoramic life review. time when the phrase to describe it, is “a scene and then act, according to chronological sequence of events and movement, and even accompanied by pictures of some of the feelings and emotions have to re-experience.”


13. Border barrier: at this time, it can be encountered, together known as “marginal” or “boundaries” and so on, blocking a place you go to, with regard to the form it has a wide range of expression: pool of water, a smoke, door, fence, along the wilderness or a line.

14.生命归来:如果有幸被救活了,在“濒死体验”进行到某种程度后,人们必须“回来”。 在最开始的时候,许多人都想赶快回到身体中去,但是,随着濒死体验的深入,他开始排斥回到原来的身体,如果遇上了光的存在,这种情绪就更为强烈。

14. Come back to life: If fortunate enough to be saved, and in the “near-death experience” to a certain extent carried out, people must “come back.” In the beginning, many people want to get back to the body, but, with the depth of near-death experience, he began to return to the original physical exclusion, the case of the existence of light, the mood is even more strong.

This is just a study cases from people only —- as a refer –

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India climbing inverted odd men

据英国媒体23日报道,居住在印度南部的一位22岁男子Jyothi Raj拥有徒手攀爬高墙的技能,堪比漫画人物“蜘蛛侠”。
According to British media reports, living in southern India, a 22-year-old man has a hand Jyothi Raj wall climbing skills, comparable to comic characters, “Spider-Man.”

Jyothi weekend will be to show the local tourist attractions climbing, always attract a lot of people watch.

印度的“蜘蛛侠” India’s “Spider-Man”

印度的“蜘蛛侠” India’s “Spider-Man”

印度的“蜘蛛侠” India’s “Spider-Man”

He was found four years ago, they have such incredible climbing ability.

His Youtube – 他的片段 –

Jump with waterfall

This is Really Shiok – The record-breaking kayaker who risked life and limb in a 186ft waterfall drop

Perched on the brink of a 186ft drop, this was the moment when Tyler Bradt probably felt the urge to start frantically paddling backwards.

Less than four seconds later, he was celebrating a world record for kayak descents.

The 22-year-old American touched 100mph as he plummeted over Palouse Falls in eastern Washington.

::: Tyler Bradt tumbles down the 186ft waterfall, shattering the previous world record of 127ft he’d set weeks earlier

Amid an eerie stillness he fell 186ft in just 3.7 seconds as he touched speeds of 100mph in the terrifying descent.

After disappearing under the water at the base of the torrent, he emerged with a broken paddle. His only physical damage was a sprained wrist.

The amazing feat was captured on film and saw Brant set a new world record for kayak descents.

The previous record had been set only weeks earlier by Pedro Olivia as he plunged 127ft over the Salto Bello falls in Brazil.

Bradt admitted after his record breaking plunge he had risked his life with water rushing at 2,000 cubic feet over the falls.

Here he go: Tyler Brandt kayaks off Palouse Falls in eastern Washington

Raging torrent: There’s no way back for Tyler as he tips over the Falls

Tyler described the moment he went over as ‘acceleration, speed, and impact unlike anything I¿ve ever felt before. I wasn¿t sure if I was hurt or not. My body was just in shock’

Bradt has faced criticism that his stunt will encourage others to try the extreme sport of kayak free-falling.


Referrer from :-     dailymail.co.uk

Anorexic | 厌食症

Anorexic | 厌食症

Paris, France — In the capital of high fashion and ultrathin models, conservative French legislators adopted a pioneering law on Tuesday aimed at stifling a proliferation of Web sites that promote eating disorders with “thinspiration” and starvation tips…If passed, it would take aim at any means of mass communication — including magazines and Web sites — that promote eating disorders like anorexia or bulimia with punishments of up to three years in prison and more than $70,000 in fines….The bill would make it illegal to “provoke a person to seek excessive weight loss by encouraging prolonged nutritional deprivation that would have the effect of exposing them to risk of death or endangering health.” –

Please Don’t Think This is a “standard” body for a human – i(admin) don’t like it –

Just Take a look at this youtube –

how you think about it ?

::: Are you the one inside ? person who don’t know about our body “reality” ?

An Anorexic’s Model ?!

Is This What An Anorexic Sees?
When I Posted These Pics… I Wondered What That Lady’s View Of Herself Was… Now I Know…

Here is an example for an Anorexic ——-

A recovering anorexic has criticised a gym for allowing her to join despite the fact she weighed just four-and-a-half stone.

Jessica Bennington, 19, claims LA Fitness risked her life by giving her membership because her illness meant she ‘did not have the mental capacity to make a balanced judgment’.

Doctors later told her she was so ill that, had she stepped on to a treadmill, she would almost certainly have had a heart attack.

Miss Bennington had already been turned away from another gym for being too thin, just weeks before the LA Fitness branch in Maidstone, Kent, allowed her to take out a nine-month membership last September.

Miss Bennington, who become anorexic and a compulsive exerciser at the age of 15, said: ‘I was thrilled. As I was so thin I had expected rejection because my membership had just been cancelled at my old gym.

‘The manager had called me in and said he had noticed how thin I was and that doing so much exercise could endanger my life.

‘He said I could only continue with them if I produced a doctor’s letter saying that I was healthy enough to exercise. But unlike my old gym, there was no detailed health assessment.’

Within days of joining, Miss Bennington’s knee had given way because of muscle weakness caused by the illness. Three weeks later, following blood tests, she was admitted to hospital.

There, horrified doctors wrote to the gym on her behalf to cancel her membership. They apparently said that not only could any exercise in her present condition ‘seriously compromise her health’ but that when she signed up she ‘did not have mental capacity to make a balanced judgment’.
Jessica in 2008, at four-and-a-half stone

Emaciated: Jessica in 2008, at four-and-a-half stone

Miss Bennington, a doctor’s receptionist who now weighs seven stone, insists that her obvious weight problems meant she should not have been allowed to join in the first place.

Although her contract was cancelled, she was charged for one month’s membership along with a four weeks’ notice fee – a total of £169.15. She planned to take LA Fitness to court to recover this sum.

‘At the time I was angry with my old gym but now I look back and see they were just acting responsibly,’ she said.

‘It doesn’t take a trained eye to see I was obviously very ill and totally emaciated. There is no way at four-and-a-half stone that I was healthy enough for LA Fitness to take me on.

‘It wasn’t me signing that contract, it was the anorexia. I have taken legal advice and have been told that gyms do have a duty of care to ensure they identify any health problems.’

Miss Bennington added: ‘They should have refused me a membership but they just wanted my money, even if it was obvious I was too ill to join.’

This is also a Anorexic girl – model – You want get diet untill this ‘body’ style ?

How about this ? is this ok for you ?

This Anorexic~

美国明尼苏达州,与厌食症及易饿症搏斗25年的世界上最瘦的男子之一Frail Jeremy Gillitzer。


美国明尼苏达州,与厌食症及易饿症搏斗25年的世界上最瘦的男子之一Frail Jeremy Gillitzer。十年前,他以健壮的身材和强健的筋肉成为广受仰慕的男模特,但不幸的是,这一切被使他苍白、憔悴几乎皮包骨头的疾病给破坏了。现年 36岁的Jeremy,体重仅有6.5英石(41.275 kg,约82斤),他有严重的低体重指数(BMI),他的外貌令自己要作呕,但是勇敢无畏的Jeremy还是告诉别人他日常的事情,希望告诉其他人他的骇人听闻的饮食紊乱症状,居住在美国明尼苏达州的Jeremy两年前开始在网上写博客,以消除自己的孤独,联系其他和他一样的厌食症患者。

伊莎贝尔-卡罗 。 今年9月24日,在米兰时装周登场的同时,一幅以伊莎贝尔-卡罗为主角的拒绝厌食症标题的广告牌在意大利各地林立,同时也在当地各大媒体曝光,触目惊心的广告引发相当大的争议。

27岁的伊莎贝尔-卡罗(Isabelle Caro)身高有1.65米,体重却只有30公斤左右。伊莎贝尔-卡罗是一名喜剧演员,她15年前就因家庭变故而患上厌食症。

::: 得厌食症前后的曾依,判若两人。殷建军 摄/PC(来源:京华时报)

认为身材不合标准减肥得厌食症 离家后被迫流落北京乞讨

::: So Watch Out – do Not Get Anorexic –

If you found your friend diet – please warning him / her – DON’T OVER – Eat your Food Balance –

For more information about “anorexic” , u can check – http://www.helpguide.org/mental/anorexia_signs_symptoms_causes_treatment.html

As anorexia progresses, signs and symptoms become much more obvious. They can be divided into three different groups: eating behaviors, body image signs, and purging symptoms.

Eating and food behavior signs and symptoms
Dieting despite being thin – Follows a severely restricted diet. Eats only certain low-calorie foods. Bans “bad” foods such as carbohydrates and fats.
Obsession with calories, fat grams, and nutrition – Reads food labels, measures and weighs portions, keeps a food diary, reads diet books.
Pretending to eat or lying about eating – Hides, plays with, or throws away food to avoid eating. Makes excuses to get out of meals (“I had a huge lunch” or “My stomach isn’t feeling good.”)
Preoccupation with food – Eats very little, but constantly thinks about food. May cook for others, collect recipes, read food magazines, or make meal plans.
Strange or secretive food rituals – Often refuses to eat around others or in public places. May eat in rigid, ritualistic ways (e.g. cutting food “just so”, chewing food and spitting it out, using a specific plate).

Appearance and body image signs and symptoms
Dramatic weight loss – Rapid, drastic weight loss with no medical cause.
Feeling fat, despite being underweight – May complain about being overweight in general or just “too fat” in certain places such as the stomach, hips, or thighs.
Fixation on body image – Obsessed with weight, body shape, or clothing size. Frequent weigh-ins and concern over tiny fluctuations in weight.
Harshly critical of appearance – Spends a lot of time in front of the mirror checking for flaws. There’s always something to criticize. They’re never thin enough.
Denies being too thin – Refuses to believe that his or her low body weight is a problem, but may try to conceal it (drinking a lot of water before being weighed, wearing baggy or oversized clothes).

Purging signs and symptoms
Using diet pills, laxatives, or diuretics – Abuses water pills, herbal appetite suppressants, prescription stimulants, ipecac syrup, and other drugs for weight loss.
Throwing up after eating – Frequently disappears after meals or goes to the bathroom. May run the water to disguise sounds of vomiting or reappear smelling like mouthwash or mints.
Compulsive exercising – Follows a punishing exercise regimen aimed at burning calories. Will exercise through injuries, illness, and bad weather. Works out extra hard after bingeing or eating something “bad.”

Susan Boyle – before after

This is the video – that about Susan Boyle . before & after .

A video :- Britain’s Got Talent – Show 1

And after the competition – She looking so ‘great’ – let see –

Before After –

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If you don‘t like your job, just be glad that …

这是 8 种艰辛的工作与大家分享-


  1. 您认为您的工作很困难,觉得困难?
  2. 您认为您是一个谁失业?
  3. 您认为您的工作是’做坏’ ?
  4. 您认为您目前的工作是’不容易,像往常一样?
  5. 费尔特了你的工作吗?
  6. 想到找到另一份工作?

如果你不喜欢你的工作,心存感恩的心态,因为 …

You are not an Electrician in China …

… or a plumber in Hungary …

… or a delivery service employee in Asia …

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所以心存感恩的心态,把握你的工作吧 !

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Turtle with hair , gold real gold turtle

I bet u never seen such a thing‏ – Turtle with hair , gold real gold turtle ====

Turtle with long long hair –

Gold Turtle




Long Hair Turtle =

Look really Shiok?

This is my 1st time look into turtle like this

资料来源 | Picture from :- http://cngui.com