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A Combination Car

Colim, by designer C Susana – very cool transport car picture is this …
A illustration of a combination both car and caravan
This combination simply alike transformer.
If you do watch transformer, then I think you should know what I’m talking about.

world smallest item

I think this post will let most of the people shiok — You might find that some of the item is an ‘mission impossible’ to create it –


::: Smallest Teapot In The World

German sculptor Bettina Kaminski made the world’s smallest teddy bears 5-mm tall Mini-the-Pooh and 3.5-mm tall Micro Ted.
::: World’s Smallest Teddy Bears

::: The Picotux 100 is the world’s smallest Linux computer, only slightly larger than an RJ45 connector.
::: World’s Smallest Linux Computer chip .

The smallest burger meal isn’t something which you can stuff yourself with but they look cute and tiny.
::: Worlds Smallest Burger, Fries and Soda Meal

It’s called the Space Cub and its only 2×2×2.2 inches; it’s supposed to be the smallest personal computer in the world.
::: World’s Smallest PC

Photograph taken with a microscope camera and the doll is set beside an English 5p coin for scale.

::: The Smallest Doll In The World

The Nano-Guitar is 10 micrometers long and each of the six strings are 50 nanometers wide. Its made by Dustin Carr and Harold Craighead of Cornell University’s Nanofabrication Facility.
::: World’s Smallest Guitar

The world’s smallest grand piano is created by Sega Toys Company and its equipped with a keyboard with a mere 4-milimeter (0.16-inch) wide 88 keys and with an auto-playing function and weighs only 2.5-kilogram (5.5 lb).
::: World’s Smallest Grand Piano

Eric Meissner made the world’s smallest violin and it measure just 1.5/8 inches long.
::: World’s Smallest Violin

With a dimension of 5 centimeters long by 1.5 centimeters wide, this harmonica is the smallest in the world. It is named “Little Lady” and is made in Germany in the late 1890s.
::: World’s Smallest Harmonica

is a true stringed instrument that plays real music and its carved out of a single crystal of silicon. The strings are actually silicon rods 50 nanometres (nm) in diameter, ranging from about 1,000 to 8,000nm long.
::: World’s Smallest Harp

The Soprillo is the world’s smallest “piccolo” saxophone, measuring only 12″ (30cm) in height (13″ including the mouthpiece) and sounding a full octave above the soprano saxophone.
::: World’s Smallest Saxophone

:::  World’s Smallest Pancake

::: World’s smallest key

::: World’s smallest camera

::: World’s smallest dishes.

::: World’s smallest glasses

::: World’s smallest magnifying glass

::: World’s smallest pipe

::: World’s smallest pencil

How you think ? is that human creativity ?

Transformed Airplanes

Transformed Airplanes  |  转变飞机


Have you ever wondered or given a thought to what happens to the retired or decommissioned airliners once their flying days are over? Many of them are parted out and the fuselage is sold off as aluminum scrap. Only a few get away from this end and get transformed into personal residences, hotels, hostels, and cafes. And these are among those selected few.

Airplane Tramway:-

退役飞机是repurposed到天空电车车厢。 ‘想想上下班的豪华座位飞机的速度。正如你的方法你停止,你几乎察觉的温柔放缓天空缆车车。

Decommissioned airliners are repurposed into Sky Tram cars. ‘Imagine commuting to work in luxury seating at airplane speeds. As you approach your stop, you hardly notice the gentle slowing of the Sky Tram car.’

珍宝747飞机旅馆   |  Jumbo 747 Airplane Hostel:

它没有这样做并不容易,一会延伸自己的腿了舒适的飞机,但现在任何人都不能睡在大型747 。珍宝旅馆瑞典购买了747岁,并转换成酒店,它坐落在Arlanda机场。这架飞机总共有25间客房和86张病床。

It not quite often that one gets to stretch their legs out comfortably in an airplane, but now anyone can afford to sleep in a jumbo 747. Jumbo Hostels of Sweden bought an old 747, and converted it into a hotel, and its situated in the Arlanda airport. The plane has a total of 25 rooms and 86 beds.

平面船   |  Plane Boat : –

平面船是在波音307 Stratoliner原属工业和航空先驱霍华德休斯。他获得的飞机于1939年,这是他购买的临时工。

Plane boat is made out of Boeing 307 Stratoliner originally owned by industrialist and aviation pioneer Howard Hughes. He acquired the plane in 1939 as part of his purchase of TWA.

老百兼作汽车旅馆   |   Old Bristol Doubles As A Motel :-

在这老布里斯托尔的一套房,老飞行员的宿舍,一个在尾(驾驶舱和鸡尾酒) 。它可作为一家汽车旅馆中Otorohanga ,新西兰。

In this old Bristol there’s one suite in the old pilot’s quarters and one in the tail (cockpit and cocktails). It doubles as a motel in Otorohanga, New Zealand.

协和经验  |  Concord Experience  :-

(图片提供: whiskymac ) 。
人们也可以在苏格兰康科特经验,它被带到苏格兰国家博物馆在2004年恢复后,这是开放给市民。展览的历史,这个梦幻般的飞机机身内的真实的事情使它成为真正的’协和经验“ 。

(Image credit: whiskymac).
People can also have a Concord Experience in Scotland, it was brought to National Museums Scotland in 2004 and after its restoration it was opened for public. An exhibition of the history of this fantastic aircraft inside the fuselage of the real thing makes it a real ‘Concord Experience“.

福克100食堂 |  Fokker 100 Canteen   :-


This is the last 100-seat fuselage that Fokker made before it went out of business in 1996. In 2000 the Breda based metal company Stolwerk bought the fuselage and in 2004 it was ready to be used as canteen.

哥斯达黎加飞机酒店   |    Costa Rican Airplane Hotel:—

坐落于边缘曼努埃尔安东尼奥国家公园,哥斯达黎加,佛得角度假功能令人难以置信的酒店套房内设置1965年波音727 airplane.The两间卧室,两间浴室套件还包括一个小厨房,平板电视,用餐室,和一个阳台的海景。

‘Situated on the edge of the Manuel Antonio National Park, the Costa Verde Resort features an incredible hotel suite set inside a 1965 Boeing 727 airplane.The two-bedroom, two-bathroom suite also includes a kitchenette, flat-screen tvs, a dining room, and a terrace with an ocean view.’

飞机家园  |   Airplane Homes:-


飞机机身图书馆   |   Airplane Fuselages Library:


New York’s architect LOT-EK, have designed a library in Guadalajara made entirely of refurbished airplane fuselages.

做课堂的飞机   |  Classroom Made Out Of Airplane:


An 82 ft-long commercial airliner is used as the UK’s first classroom for primary school pupils. It was purchased for less than £20,000 and will be used as a geography class. Whiteboards, desks and laptops are fitted out in the cockpit to make it a ‘user-friendly learning space’ for a class of 30 pupils.

飞机馆   |  Airplane Pavilion:


‘Using a 60-foot-long section of a Boeing 747 plane, Lot-Ek’s Student Pavilion at the University of Washington in Seattle turns fuselage into function.’

飞机主页   |   Airplane Home: –


A Boeing 727-200 home project of Bruce Campbell which costed him over $200K.

众议院由一个平面   |  House Made From A Plane:


It was Francie Rehwahld who wanted a house with lots of curves and architect D Hertz suggested her a plane would be a good source of material.

波音747变成餐厅    |    Boeing 747 Turned Into A Restaurant:


Its said to be the world’s fist Boeing 747 converted into a restaurant in the city of Mokpo, South Korea. The engines of 747 Jumbo has been converted to a daily privileged menu and it can accommodate up to 150 tables.

飞机餐厅- “萨尔瓦多军机”    |     Plane Restaurant – “El Avion”:

饼干时间DC3咖啡    |      Cookie Time DC3 Café:

饼干时间DC3一家咖啡馆芒阿韦卡,新西兰。这种咖啡是’饼干时间’ -已制造零食自1983年以来。 飞机餐厅-前Alyemda -一时间艾尔林格斯(本站- AMW ) -波音707

Cookie Time DC3 Café in Mangaweka, New Zealand. This café is of ‘Cookie Time‘ – which has been manufacturing snack foods since 1983.

Plane Restaurant – A Former Alyemda – And One Time Aer Lingus (EI-AMW) – Boeing 707:


It now serves as a restaurant with the large “dome” in the middle being a small dance floor.

飞机咖啡  |  Aeroplane Café:


It’s a 1950’s Russian plane with the interior laid out as a restaurant.

飞机餐厅   |  Plane Restaurant:


Yet another plane restaurant, location: unknown.

科罗拉多州Colorado Springs市-光顾平面  |    Colorado Springs, Colorado – Dine In A Plane:

核心本餐厅是波音公司的KC – 97 ,这是一个275个座位的餐厅和42个客人,可以吃的这架飞机。

The centerpiece of this restaurant is a Boeing KC-97 and it’s a 275-seat restaurant and 42 patrons can eat in this plane.

飞机餐厅   |   Plane Restaurant :-


Yet another plane restaurant, location: unknown.

飞机咖啡  |    Airplane Café:

老道格拉斯DC3 ,变成了一个咖啡厅,里面的飞机你有桌子和长凳,冬季时间,机翼下有桌子和长凳,为夏季。

An old Douglas DC3, transformed into a café, inside the aircraft you have tables and benches, for the winter time, and under the wings there are tables and benches, for the summertime.

你会希望拥有自己的一架飞机吗? Would you dream that you have a plane ? for anything purpose ?


porsche commercial spot

今天想与大家分享 Porsche 的广告。。。

Today, I want to share with you the Porsche ads. . .

::: A porsche commercial spot

This is not a ‘shiok’ story – i just have a little comment for this .

我对这部短片有点意见。 对整部的概念其实都很好。只是。。。。。

I had some views on this video. On the whole concept is quite satisfactory. Only. . . . .
Perhaps in the rear when the child can grow up more can be achieved, he owns the course of the car.
I guess it should be more moved by the right edge. . .

::: 然而这部我就蛮喜欢的。 看了会感觉很惊讶,感叹人类‘创造的能力’ –
::: But this I quite like the idea. Feel very surprised to read, sigh human ‘creative’ —

更多相关:- http://www.porsche.com

The world’s most unusual museums

巴黎的下水道博物馆 Paris Sewer Museum

Paris is also known as the “city under the city” by the Paris catacombs and sewers cross-cutting component.

冰岛动物生殖器博物馆 Iceland Museum of animal genitalia

Wall of the genitals is an elephant.

The Icelandic fishing village located in the Museum

撒威克Hu collected a total of more than 100 kinds of mammals genitals.

美国加利福尼亚州的兔子博物馆 California Museum of rabbit


The Pasadena, California, collected and all items relating to the rabbit.


It is said that here the number of exhibits and the number of breeding like rabbits, was growing at a rate of several times.

土耳其的头发博物馆 Turkey’s hair Museum

small town in Turkey, the main hall is a well-known Turkish potters.

Here collected more than 16,000 donors in the hair, looks a bit Oh fear.

::: 马来西亚- 古晋 – 猫博物馆

Known as “cat city” (Kuching means cat in Malay),

Kuching is the capital of Sarawak, Malaysia’s largest state.

Among the popular attractions are the Sarawak Museum, Tua Pek Kong Temple and the world’s first Cat Museum in the Kuching

The Cat Museum Details
Bukit Siol, Jalan Semariang Petra Jaya (in the Kuching North City Hall)
Kuching, Sarawak 93050 . Contact :- 082-446688‎

For more about Cat’s museum :- http://www.dbku.gov.my/catmuseum.htm

More Others –

The Ham Museum
An ancient Ardennes farm (+/- 1850), restored in 1994. Ham making: salting room, smokehouse and drying area. Enclosure where the “sanglochons” (crossbreed between a pig and a boar) are bred

Museo del Jamón (More ham – Spanish Style!)
The popular chorizos are hooked in rows reminiscent of one of those scenes in Golden Age paintings

Historical Electronics Museum From telegraph and radio to radar and satellites, the HEM offers visitors free access to the electronic marvels

The Museum of Temporary Art
The museum itself is located in a German home. It is about 40×50 cm big and has 33 compartments

The Toilet Seat Art Museum
This museum consists mostly of toilet seat lids decorated by Barney Smith, a retired master plumber now in his eighties

The Owl Art & Craft Museum
The Korean owner’s second son, who majored in design, chose owl wallpaper to add to the unique atmosphere

The Furnace Sticker Museum
Thankfully only online at this stage!

The Ice Museum
The Ice Showcase is an 8,000 cubit foot walk-in display case that maintains a constant temperature of 20 degrees – in Alaska, where else

The British Lawnmower Museum
The Museum has now become one of the world’s leading authorities on vintage lawnmowers

Brighton’s Penny Arcade Museum
An Allwins is a type of slot machine in which the player shoots a ball upwards and watches it fall past a collection of cups

The Matchbox Museum
In the former Convento de Sao Francisco, Tomar, Portugal. Some 43,000 matchboxes from more than 100 countries are on display

The Incredible World of Navel Fluff
Featuring the world’s biggest collection of one person’s navel fluff (lint), as certified by Guinness World Records – words fail me!

The Squished Penny Museum
The SPM is unique in two ways: their collection is made up of things most of us find in our pocket, and the face value of whole thing is only about $50.00

Japan’s Insulator Museum
They claim to have the pin insulator, presumed to be the oldest domestic insulator (manufactured in 1875) as well as approximately 5,000 insulator examples and maintenance tools, from 21 countries and 57 manufacturers

The Burlingame Museum of Pez Memorabilia
Pez dispensers and memorabilia in this Californian museum

The Museum of Beverage Containers and Advertising
Uncle Buzzy had picked-up beer & soda cans from traveling across the United States and gave then to his sister, Aunt Susan, who started him on the road to collecting

The Antique Reed Organ Museum
Proudly displays about 95 fully restored and working antique reed organs

The Norwegian Canning Museum
In this authentic Stavanger factory environment, the production of canned brisling and fish balls can still be seen – I have visited this wonderful museum. Ed.

Grand Manan Island Sardine Museum
For something equally ‘fishy’ and a look back into the heyday of the herring industry, consider visiting the Sardine Museum in Lubec, Maine More

The Band-Aid Museum
An interactive mobile museum where parents and children can trace the 85-year history of Band-Aid

The Asphalt Museum
Located on theCSUS campus in Sacramento, California with asphalt from over 6 different countries and 11 different states

The Post Mark Museum
The Museum’s holdings make up the largest single collection in the world, grouping over a million different postal history items

Museum of The Condom
A French museum with condom information that meets the need to conserve and present to the public, objects and documents relating to the condom from a historical, medical, social and technical perspective.

Go Bananas!
The Musée de la Banane on the Caribbean island of Martinique reveals everything you’ve always wanted to know about this delicious fruit

The Chestnut Ridge Typewriter Museum
A stop over in Morgantown, WV

Twenty Mule Team Museum
The mission of the Twenty Mule Team Museum is to acquire and document artifacts pertaining to local history and to the history of borax mining in Death Valley and Boron

The Kimchi Museum
Built to study the culture of kimchi, one of the most well-known of Korean foods

The Cumberland Pencil Museum
About 1558, in the early days of Queen Elizabeth, the fame of Cumberland graphite spread quickly via the Flemish traders as being a most useful material to artists all over the world

The International Spy Museum
Focussings on human intelligence and reveals the role spies have played in world events throughout history

The Shanghai Glasses Museum
The museum has adopted 3D virtualization technology to restore the oldest and most precious glasses of the East Han Dynasty, unearthed in China

The Capital Punishment Museum
The museum’s most controversial artifact is Joe’s “Lucky Finger.”

Museum of Funeral Customs
Providing a deeper understanding of the history of American funeral and mourning customs

The Icelandic Phallological Museum
Probably the only museum in the world to contain a collection of phallic specimens belonging to all the various types of mammal found in a single country

Museum of Bad Art
The question remains – do we really need one?

The Vinegar Museum
Also features the the Mother of All Vinegar Contests

The Plagarism Museum
The Plagiarius Museum seeks to highlight what it says is an annual loss of $275 billion to $415 billion caused by those who profit from others’ work

Barometer World
Features a complete working copy of the famous Leech barometer more commonly known as ‘The Tempest Prognosticator’

Psychiatry: An Industry of Death Museum
The state-of-the-art museum features psychiatry as an industry driven entirely by profit

The Soo Line Historical Museum
A former electric utility building with an amazing silver collection

The International Cryptozoology Museum
The museum is modestly beginning with sculptures and paintings created just for it, hundreds of CZ toys and souvenirs from around the world and one-of-a-kind artifactsinlcuding a life-size, 8 feet tall Bigfoot representation

The Computer Game Museum
A Berlin museum with a very large computer game (Giant Donkey Kong) on its facade

The Zippo Case Museum
A museum at the World Headquarters of the folks who make Zippo lighters and fire. View Video

Easton Museum of Pez Dispensers
One of only three in the country with over 1,800 Pez dispensers displayed as they would be seen in the wild.

Mr. Ed’s Elephant Museum
If one elephant is good, then 6,000 must be great. View Video

Toy Robot Museum
From “Rock ‘Em, Sock ‘Em Robots” to the robot from Lost in Space, it’s all here

America’s largest museum dedicated entirely to insects

The Bunny Museum
If Monty Python’s killer Rabbit of Caerbannog freaked you out, may want to steer clear of this museum

Shinyokohama Raumen Museum
The best way to pay homage to this prolific noodle was to create a three-floor museum showcasing the dish’s seemingly countless variations

Museum of Toilets, New Delhi, India
Founder Dr. Bindeswar Pathak’s mission is to highlight the still-present health issues from improper sewage drainage – namely those in India, where he says two-thirds of the country is without proper plumbing

The Burt Reynolds & Friends Museum
Volunteers run this not-for-profit museum, dedicated to preserving the legacy of “the Bandit.”

Velveteria, Portland, Oregon
During a 1998 reading at the Voodoo Museum in New Orleans, the concept of a museum dedicated to velvet paintings was discussed

Sewer Museum, Paris
Paris developed its first sewage system around 1200 A.D., when King Philippe Auguste declared all streets be paved, with a drain running along the middle for waste

Kazoo Museum
Check out kazoos in the shape of liquor bottles made to celebrate the end of prohibition

Leila’s Hair Museum
Much of the museum consists of 18th-century hair art, like a pair of wreaths crafted from the hair of two sisters whose heads were shaved upon entering a convent

Museum of Torture, Amsterdam
Visitors here are transported back 500-plus years, to a time when the governing bodies used extreme methods to inflict pain and/or death on those who had broken the law

Rainbow Man | 彩虹人

彩虹人 | Rainbow Man

The Rainbow Man was brought to my attention indirectly by all those people with John3:16 signs. Then Andrew E pointed out that the Rainbow Man was the originator and an attention whore crazy to boot. Thanks guys for making me Google what the crap was going on.

Rollen Stewart, or the Rainbow man, was a pop culture phenomenon in the late 70’s and early 80’s known for sporting a Halloween afro wig while holding up the first ever John 3:16 signs. Rollen

Originally a publicity stunt meant to enrage producers and players, the Rainbow Man became a victim of his own propaganda and became a “born again” Christian. Which, as we all know, take the fun out of everything.

Convinced to “get his message” across, Stewart slowly descended into madness; getting arrested at the 1980 Moscow Olympics, attacking promienet places of business with stink bombs and finally taking a hotel maid hostage which resulted in a standoff with police as the Rainbow Man shrieked that the Rapture was nigh in six days time.

Rollen Stewart is currently serving three consecutive life sentences for that last bit of crazy. On the up side, he became the subject of the 1997 documentary Rainbow Man by Sam Green and thus completed the circle of pop culture life.

[[彩虹男子]] 让我们都注意间接所有这些人与John3 : 16的迹象。然后安德鲁é指出彩虹男子发端和关注妓女疯狂启动。 由于家伙让我谷歌什么废话事情。


原来宣传此事激怒意味着生产者和球员,彩虹人成为受害者,他自己的宣传,并成为“重生”的基督徒。 我们都知道,在快乐的一切。

深信,以“明白他的意思”全面,斯图尔特慢慢陷入疯狂;越来越被捕, 1980年莫斯科奥运会,攻击promienet的营业地的臭弹,并最终以酒店服务员为人质,导致与警方对峙的彩虹人尖叫该提的是近6天时间。


Life in the White House by OBAMA

From this post , you can see how is the President of America Life in the White House!!!!‏ by President Obama ‘life’ –

WOW – Thats great ? If you are a president of US , How you guys think ? You like it?

i think i might nervous and can get the stress … it is too stress for a ‘normal’ human . is not easy to have that kind of life .

but hope that GOD will really help him to make the world change and grow in a ‘truthful & healthy’ way …

For more White House Picture – http://www.whitehouse.gov