Pitch Plant

All pitcher plants are carnivorous plants. They need to acquire nutrients by trapping and digesting animals (mainly insects) but also rodents including mice and rats because they grow in really hostile areas where nutrients are scarce in the soil. They traps are green with purple blotches, and they stand out clearly from surrounding vegetation

The fluid breaks down the soft parts of the prey, and only the bones of the prey remain.

Discovered species is a meat-eater, like man-eating plant Audrey in the film Little Shop Of Horrors

Flesh-eating plant simply large that it can swallow and devour rats whole. They are lured into its slipper-like mouth to drown or die of exhaustion before being slowly dissolved by digestive enzymes.

Most of the pitchers were colourful to attract prey, especially insects.

The plants was filled with water leaf structure. The plant then secrete nectar to attract insects and some rodents. The prey falls in and cannot escape back up the slippery, waxy interior of the trap.

The victim drowns in the pitcher and acids and enzymes in the fluid within the trap break down the remains of the prey.

GOD’S ART‏ / Creation / Making

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Anvil-shaped cloud bubbles

A giant, anvil-shaped cloud bubbles up towards the Earth’s stratosphere, looming over West Africa.

The amazing formation would be invisible to anyone on the ground and would even be obscure from a regular passenger jet since they can reach up to 75,000ft.

Anvil clouds are formed mostly from ice and normally form in the upper parts of thunderstorms. They get their shape from the fact that rising warm air in thunderstorms expands and spreads out as the air bumps up against the bottom of the stratosphere.

From, daily mail reporter.

Dust Devil Destroyer


:::: This was shot at Burning Man in 2006 (Black Rock City, Nevada) – Running Into a Giant Dust Devil

::: This is tornadoes that tear across the country.

TOP 10 Best Seaside in UK town

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The great thing about the United Kingdom is that it’s an island….and, islands means loads of beaches and coastlines to explore and more importantly for the summer, seaside towns to visit!

Deck chairs and sun cream at the ready and look forward to some fish and chips out of a newspaper as we show you where you’ll find the UK’s best seaside towns to visit this summer.

Take a look and see if your favourites are in here…

::: 1st –  Looe, Cornwall

Colourful boats, houses and scenery is what you’ll find in Looe on the south coast of Cornwall. This place really is as pretty as a picture and you’ll feel as though you’re abroad. With so many towns and village to choose from in Cornwall, we thought you’d like to know our favourite for this summer. Looe is actually two towns East Looe and West Looe which are joined together by a bridge crossing the River Looe. Find a sandy beach, charming harbour and plenty of places to eat, drink and relax.

::: Brighton

Brighton really does have something to offer everyone. If you’re lucky enough to catch a sunny day then Brighton Beach is sure to please. Head away from the pier to avoid the crowds. The pier is great wet-weather entertainment as are the cafes, bars, and amusement arcades. And of course, if all else fails – hit the shops for some retail therapy!

::: Portrush, Northern Ireland

Portrush in County Antrim, Northern Ireland. As the sun sets the multi coloured seafront houses are seen in perhaps their best light. An evening stroll is the best way to see this seaside town in all its glory. Well known for its excellent beaches and coastal walks.

::: St. Mawes, Cornwall

This snapshot of small village of St. Mawes looks as though it could be in Greece or the South of France it’s so beautiful, but it can actually be found in this country

::: Llandudno, Wales

There’s attractions on the seafront for all the family as well as things to do with the kids away from the beach.

::: Whitby

Whitby, found on Yorkshire’s coast is a great place for fish and chips, a relaxing stroll and some exploring. Another good thing about Whitby is the collection of nearby coastal villages that are just a short drive away, which are well worth exploring.

::: Sidmouth, Devon

Sid Valley in Devon, Sidmouth is the ideal seaside town if you love to walk in the countryside, want to relax on clean sandy beaches or just be by the sea and be surrounded by amazing scenery.

::: Southwold, Suffolk

Great for the kids, Southwold in Suffolk is a chirpy seaside town that we love. Found on the Suffolk Heritage coast in North Suffolk, Southwold is a great destination for a day trip or longer any time of the year.

::: St. Andrews

St. Andrews. Its rich history and great shopping. Famous for its golf and university (with some rather royal students) St. Andrews

::: last –  Weymouth

Last but no least , Weymouth is the ideal place if you’re looking for a family destination with an amazing coastline.

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Year 2009 Solar Eclipse

Thousands besiege Indian village identified as best spot on Earth to watch longest solar eclipse of the century…
“千围攻印度村庄” 被确定为最佳位置看地球上最长的日食的世纪 . 它被视为最好的地方看到Eclipse和惊人的图片 , 因为这表明 , 印度的小村Taregna印度东部确保提请的人群。

Shoulder to shoulder the masses ranks of eclipse hunters gathered to witness the longest solar eclipse of the 21st century.

At 6.24 am (0054 GMT) live TV pictures were beamed from the location, 300 miles north-west of Calcutta, where assorted scientists, including Nasa, had said it would be the best place to watch the eclipse.
在上午06时24分(格林尼治标准时间0054 )实况电视图像信号的位置, 300英里西北部加尔各答,在那里各类科学家,其中包括美国航天局说 , 这将是最好的地方 , 观看这次月食。

Thousands gather to watch the spectacle in Taregna, village 300 miles north-west of Calcutta. Nasa declared the village the best place to view the phenomena. Nasa declared the village the best place to view the phenomena
数千名聚集观看壮观的Taregna ,村300英里西北部加尔各答。 美国宇航局宣布,该村的最佳场所,以查看现象

Hindu devotees offer prayers as they take dips in the River Ganges during the solar eclipse in Varanasi, India

The moon began to cover the sun from around 9:34am in the capital, blocking nearly 80per cent of the sun by 10.50am.
韩国儿童瞪了不知道在这次月食由汉城国立科学博物馆。 月亮开始支付太阳从上午9时34分在首都阻断近80per以上的太阳由上午10时50分

In some parts of Asia it lasted as long as 6 minutes and 39 seconds.
在Eclipse -造成动作时 , 月亮之间的直接太阳和地球,它完全覆盖蒙上阴影地球-持续了将近4分钟在印度。 在亚洲某些地区 , 持续时间长达6分39秒。

In Taregna, thousands had gathered a day in advance but thick clouds and overnight rains provided no spectacle, just a cloudy darkness.
在Taregna ,数千人聚集提前一天 , 但厚厚的云层和降雨没有提供夜间的景象,只是多云黑暗。

‘It was still a unique experience with morning turning into night for more than three minutes,” said Amitabh Pande, a scientist with India’s Science Popularization Association of Communicators and Educators, who was there.
这仍然是一个独特的经验 , 今天上午转入夜间超过三分钟,说 : “巴克强潘德,与印度科学家的科学普及协会的通讯和教育工作者,谁在那里。

Still, the rain was welcomed by many in this agricultural area which has seen scant rainfall this monsoon season.
不过,雨表示欢迎 , 许多在这个农业地区已很少见到这个雨季降雨。

‘It would have been nice to see the solar eclipse but the rain is far more important for us,’ said Ram Naresh Yadav, a farmer.
‘这本来是高兴看到日食 , 但降雨更为重要的是我们, ‘公羊内尔什亚达夫说,一个农民。组合图片显示了序列的日全食观察中环中国。

The longest total solar eclipse of the 21st century began its flight on Wednesday across a narrow path of Asia

Dazzling: The moon moves across the sun above a mosque in Rawalpindi, Pakistan


Thick cloud cover over India obscured the sun when the eclipse began at dawn.
厚厚的云层遮挡了阳光 , 印度的Eclipse时开始在黎明。

However, the clouds parted in many areas a few minutes before the total eclipse took place.

In neighbouring Bangladesh, eclipse watchers came out in droves.

‘It’s a rare moment – I never thought I would see this in my life,’ said Abdullah Sayeed, a college student who travelled to Panchagarh town from the capital Dhaka to view it.
‘这是一个罕见的时刻-我从来没有想过我会认为这在我的生命中表示,阿卜杜拉赛义德,大学生谁前往潘查格赫镇从首都达卡 , 以查看它。

He said cars in the town needed to use headlights as ‘night darkness has fallen suddenly’.
他说 , 汽车在该镇需要使用头灯为’夜间黑暗突然下降。

People hugged each other and some blew whistles when the eclipse began, he said.

Sadhus, or Hindu holy men, watch the solar eclipse through specially-designed viewing glasses in Allahabad, India.
Sadhus ,或印度教圣城男子,观赏日食通过特别设计的浏览眼镜,阿拉哈巴德,印度.

A girl is half-buried at the bank of river Indus. Her doctor advised her to stay in sand during the eclipse in the belief that its rays heal the victims. Her doctor advised her to stay in sand during the eclipse in the belief that its rays heal the victims.
一个女孩半埋在银行的梧桐河。 她的医生劝她留在砂在这次月食中,认为其射线医治受害者

A woman observes the solar eclipse with her poodle in Hangzhou, which is close to Shanghai, in China. The dog appears confused as to which direction to look.
一个女人观察日食与她的卷毛狗在杭州,接近上海,在中国。 狗会出现混淆,以哪个方向看.

Once in a lifetime: Children watch the eclipse at the astrological museum in Taipei, Taiwan

It is the longest since July 11, 1991, when a total eclipse lasting six minutes, 53 seconds was visible from Hawaii to South America. 这是最长的 , 因为1991年7月11日,当一次月全食持久6分钟, 53秒可见从夏威夷到南美洲。 There will not be a longer eclipse than today’s until 2132. 就不会有长期偏食比今天的, 直到2132年。

For astronomers, today was a chance for a prolonged view of the sun’s corona, a spectacular blaze of plasma extending far into space.
为天文学家,今天是一个机会 , 长期鉴于太阳的日冕,壮观的大火血浆远远送入太空。

One Indian travel agent scheduled a charter flight to watch the eclipse by air, with seats facing the sun selling at a premium.

The eclipse first appeared at dawn in India’s Gulf of Khambhat, just north of Mumbai, and then moved eastward at 15 times the speed of sound across India, Nepal, Burma, Bangladesh, Bhutan and China before reaching the Pacific .
在Eclipse首次出现在清晨在印度的墨西哥湾肯帕德,孟买以北,然后向东移动 , 按15倍音速 , 在印度,尼泊尔,缅甸,孟加拉国,不丹和中国才到达太平洋 。

Comment: Why everyone should see an eclipse in their lifetime…
* 评论:为什么每个人都应该看到日食在其一生中…

It was last seen from land at Nikumaroro Island in the South Pacific nation of Kiribati. Elsewhere, a partial eclipse was visible in much of Asia.
这是去年从土地Nikumaroro岛在南太平洋的基里巴斯民族。 另外,一名偏食可见许多亚洲国家。

In China the eclipse was the longest since 1814 and will not be overtaken by a longer one until 2309.
在中国的日全食时间最长的是1814年以来 , 不会超过较长 , 直到2309年。

Lights of the buildings in Shanghai are switched on during the eclipse – even though it is mid-morning

Catching some sun: Dr Shahid Qureshi of Karachi University snaps the moment on his camera via a telescope in Karachi, Pakistan

‘We’ll have to wait a few hundred years for another opportunity to observe a solar eclipse that lasts this long, so it’s a very special opportunity,’ said Shao Zhenyi, an astronomer at the Shanghai Astronomical Observatory.

Western backpackers joined the hundred of millions of Chinese who watched the event.

Briton Shelagh Lester Smith, who had traveled specially to Shanghai for the eclipse, said even the pouring rain did not ruin the experience as inky darkness fell. ‘It felt like the end of the world had come,’ she said.
英国莱斯特史密斯Shelagh ,谁曾前往专门到上海的这次月食,说即使是瓢泼大雨并没有破坏的经验inky黑暗下跌。这感觉就像是世界末日已经到来, ‘她说。

The skies darken, with the sun just visible in the distance, as the eclipse takes hold over Chongqing in Central China.

Spectators watch a tidal bore caused by the eclipse at the Qiantang River in Yanguan town, Haining City, China

Quarantined American and British students look up to see the eclipse at a fenced-off courtyard of the Yanxiang Hotel, in Beijing today, where they are staying after classmates were diagnosed with swine flu.

Thousands of Hindus bathed in the Ganges in the Indian town of Varanasi to cleanse their sins as the moon threw the area into darkness for three minutes, 48 seconds.
成千上万的印度教教徒在恒河沐浴在印度瓦拉纳西镇清洁他们的罪孽扔在月球地区陷入了一片黑暗中的三分钟, 48秒。

Millions of the more superstitious in India stayed indoors, fearful of the phenomenon. One Hindu fable says an eclipse is caused when a dragon-demon swallows the sun.
数以百万计的更多的迷信在印度停留在室内,可怕的现象。 一个印度教的寓言说 , Eclipse是造成当龙恶魔吞噬太阳。

Predicted outbreaks of civil unrest do not appear to have happened.

Some families have advised pregnant relatives to confine themselves to curtained rooms, following long-held fears that the invisible rays would harm the feotus and the baby born with disfigurations, birthmarks or a congenital defect.
一些家庭建议孕妇亲属限于窗帘客房,下列长期持有的担心 , 看不见的射线会损害feotus和婴儿出生时disfigurations ,胎记或先天缺陷。

Krati Jain, 24, a New Delhi software professional expecting her first child, said: ‘My mother and aunts have called and told me stay in a darkened room with the curtains closed, lie in bed and chant prayers.’
Krati贾殷, 24日,新德里的软件专业期待她的第一个孩子,说: ‘我的母亲和姑姑要求 , 并告诉我留在黑暗的房间 , 窗帘关闭,躺在床上和CHANT祈祷。

In the northern Indian state of Punjab, authorities ordered schools to begin an hour late to prevent children from venturing out and gazing at the sun.
在印度北部旁遮普邦,当局下令学校开始推迟一小时 , 以防止儿童走出去 , 并望着太阳。


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