Life in the White House by OBAMA

From this post , you can see how is the President of America Life in the White House!!!!‏ by President Obama ‘life’ –

WOW – Thats great ? If you are a president of US , How you guys think ? You like it?

i think i might nervous and can get the stress … it is too stress for a ‘normal’ human . is not easy to have that kind of life .

but hope that GOD will really help him to make the world change and grow in a ‘truthful & healthy’ way …

For more White House Picture –

Married A Rich Husband

Rich China Man – with long long long car –

how about this ?

nothing different / ?

how about this –

wah – GOLD!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!  fake or real ?!?!?!?!?!?

SHiOK Man – again —-WALAO ?!

Like this also can ah~?

Scard no People know that Your Are RICH meh ?

when the time you got married ? Are You willing to do that ? try it –

MONKS in Today's China

選美佳麗去寺廟參觀 * Beauty Contestants are welcome in temples

和尚也交女朋友 * Monk can have girlfriend

上海靜安寺的尼姑,漂亮到爆燈,有沒有搞錯 … Shanghai nun; what a beauty

和尚踢足球,尼姑 ­ 怞 b 旁邊加油 … Monks play football as Nuns watch…

和尚打電動 … Monks go for electronic games

和尚吃肯德雞… Monks can even enjoy KFC’s

和尚上 ­x 訓課 … … Monks go for Military training!!

和尚也上網… 玩網路遊戲 … Monks browse & play video games on line

和尚與名車… Monks own porsh cars!!

和尚也炒股… Monks invest in stock markets

和尚也玩起衝鋒槍 * Monks opt for weapon training!!

Seven Traits of Successful People

Get Rich Slowly写了七种成功人士的特征:

  1. Successful people know what they want. (他们知道他们要什么)
  2. Successful people don’t just think, they act. (他们不只是想,他们做)
  3. Successful people have insatiable hunger for knowledge. (他们渴望学习更多知识)
  4. Successful people are curious and are not afraid to experiment. (他们充满好奇心并不害怕试验)
  5. Successful people build their networks. (他们有良好的人际网络)
  6. Successful people are passionate about what they do. (他们热衷自己做的事情)
  7. Successful people are persistent and patient. (他们很坚持和有耐心)


如何成为一个成功人士的要诀大多人都懂,只是如果真要实践的话,又有多少人能做到呢?这就如第二点说的,不要只是空想,要去做。可是很多人也跟着以 上七条去做,可是还是不成功,那是为什么呢?就如第五所讲的,你努力建立你的人际网络,可是你假仙地可以,让每个人都讨厌你,那有什么用呢?以上只是特 征,不是法则。