Housewife of the Year 最佳老婆-我晕了

Remember when you last said to a visitor “Sorry about the mess, I haven’t done my cleaning yet today!!!” Well, you’ll never say it again after seeing this!!! This is absolutely gross, where did she sit or sleep for that matter???

This is an actual apartment found in Houston after the evacuation for the hurricane. This is not hurricane damage. The apartment was found this way prior to the hurricane. Hard to believe there wasn’t a fire with all the cigarettes.

Did this woman never hear of an ashtray?

All the Febreeze and Cleaners in the world is not going to help this mess!

Noooooooo not the Computer!!!!

Here comes the bad parts.

She had intentions of cleaning probably put it off till tomorrow~

I am thinking whereas the other high heel?

I’m thinking if those things sitting on the bathroom sink had wings they’d fly away.

I have come to one conclusion in all of this and it’s that this woman does not like to cook. (A couple other conclusions also)

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Amazing Work Place 这里工作真好




有一天, 有一帮年轻人来到一间麻麻摊吃粥。老伯伯面带笑容,问到:“年轻人, 要不要试一试我的粥品小食?”。性格开朗的老伯伯很快的跟这帮年轻人打成一片,无所不谈。










Condom Art 安全套的艺术

Now a day, condom began itz design life, we can see more and more condom art is been published as art work, fashion cloth.

All this is for viewing as public work but there is a special condom giving out in South Africa.

This is the condom with teeth. It is specifically made to protect women from rape. It is inserted like a tampon, and won’t hurt the girl, only her attacker. When the man thrusts into her, the condom clasps down and can only be removed surgically. It was invented by Dr. Sonnet Ehlers, and it was inspired when the Dr. treated victim who said sadly, ‘If only i had teeth down there.’ The condom is being given out in South Africa, and to women in the military.


Filipino Muslim widow Bai Ulan Kudanding’s children and grandchildren shout “Mabuhay si Lola” as they pose for a photo in General Santos city in southern Philippines

Here shows Filipino Muslim widow Bai Ulan Kudanding with her 247 Grandchildren who all shouted ‘Mabuhay si Lola” (Long Live Grandma). It was taken in General Santos City, Philippines. She is seated in the center and what is great with her is that she knows and still remember all the names of her grandchildren.

Her 247 grandchildren all came from her 14 children with 107 grandchildren, 138 great-grandchildren and two great-great-grandchildren. Take not that one of the daughters of Bai Ulan Kudanding, Marawiya, has 19 children.

There is also a in the town where Bai Ulan Kudanding lives, a 94 year-old woman by the name of Joacquina Bartiller, who claims to have 160 grandchildren. If Bai Ulan Kudanding could be verified by Guinness World of Record that all her grandchildren are legitimate, then she could replace the couple from the United Kingdom who happens to hold the Guinness World Records at 99 grandkids.

Picture taken October 17, 2011. REUTERS/Erik De Castro (PHILIPPINES – Tags: SOCIETY).