Sport Silver Car – Shiok –

This issome of the Sport Car picture that found in ‘

The Picture of the Car is So SHiOK that – I wish i could have that car ….

Is this your dream car ?  is that ‘ bullet proof  ‘  (gun proof) ???? hahaha —

It might be ?

car crash in ice place

Do you know how car crash happen at the ice place ? so this is the happening of car crash in ice place —

this is really shiok for me . Maybe this is not shiok for the ‘ice place’ people –

but i am not , well the picture above is not so ‘special’ for me , and it familiar – but car crash —-

Let see how the happening going on –

porsche commercial spot

今天想与大家分享 Porsche 的广告。。。

Today, I want to share with you the Porsche ads. . .

::: A porsche commercial spot

This is not a ‘shiok’ story – i just have a little comment for this .

我对这部短片有点意见。 对整部的概念其实都很好。只是。。。。。

I had some views on this video. On the whole concept is quite satisfactory. Only. . . . .
Perhaps in the rear when the child can grow up more can be achieved, he owns the course of the car.
I guess it should be more moved by the right edge. . .

::: 然而这部我就蛮喜欢的。 看了会感觉很惊讶,感叹人类‘创造的能力’ –
::: But this I quite like the idea. Feel very surprised to read, sigh human ‘creative’ —


i want a Limo "CAR"

Here are some really cool limos, elegant & classy outside & colorful & vibrant in the inside.

City Style ?

From outside view –

Inside the car is totally like a ‘mini club’ house –

You don’t feel the car below is ‘awesome’ if you din’t try to sit inside –

This look classical –

and this one , you might feel ‘high class’ – sure everyone think like that ….

“Jet car”

Here is a transformed Boeing 727 jet airplane into real big limousine. Chassis & running gear of a Mercedes-Benz bus, is been used for this Boeing 727 Jet Limo to make it street legal – or at least that’s what been said. Weighs 24,000 pounds, equipped with a dance floor, big screen TV, & a full bar. Laser lights, fog machine, strobe lighting & “aerodynamic seats” are also on the menu. What more, it found a buyer on an auction site for $275k!

How To Jump Over A Car!

FOUND this in Youtube –

** Three Steps To Success **
Helping you to answer life’s harder questions… in three simple steps!

Episode #04: How To Jump Over A Car

If you’ve ever found yourself in that dreaded situation where a small-sized car is coming barreling towards you – and there is no escape to either side, the only way to avoid getting hit is to jump clear over the oncoming vehicle. In today’s episode – Jory Caron is going to show you just how to do that!

Starring: Jory Caron
Original Music by: Matthew Breithaupt & Matthew Koonz
Edited & Filmed by: Jonathan Paula

An ideo Production – © 2009.

Real OR Fake ? how you think ?

Only In Malaysia

This is a post talk about the thing will only happen in Malaysia –

::: use ‘home’ sit ?

::: what happen to the hand ?

the door gate full of ???

sleep on a track

banana hang on the ‘saman’ signboard –

::: accident –

::: advertisement ? interesting /

::: nike –

water paip repairing –

tin on the ‘tiang’ ?

can’t cross over ?

who make this happen ?

sleeping in class –

helmet on a tree .

the arrow ? just make the accident happen ?

door gate with shoes —

wow , this is extreme .  MALAYSIA BOLEH –

KELUAR – GO oUT by jump out?

what is this ? how it happen  ?

yea – accident

too far until the lorry can’t get back .

the car is out of park ?

TOUCH – but can’t go – 😛

which year this made?

who willing to buy this house . will be very ‘cool’ –

so all of this is just IN MALAYSIA ——-



Got this from email :- COROLLA 1981 – tahan lasak, masih boleh jalan – RM 399 SAHAJA…. MURAH!!!‏ – COROLLA 1981

Like this also can drive on road?

CLICK for more –

will not happen In ASIA – but malaysia ? hahaha


We call ourself as Ishiok . This Mean I so Shiok –

iSHiOK is a word that people use to describe “Wah!!!!” / REALLY!?!?!?! / Exciting?! / Cool! / etc . . .

From the word of , i = I am , Shiok = Cool ———–