Nice MyCar

The MyCar is a funky looking plug-in electric city car from Nice that will make its global premiere at this week’s British Motor Show in London (July 23 – Aug 3). Designed by Giugiaro of Italdesign and made in Hong Kong, the two-seater EV (Electric-Vehicle) will go on sale in the U.K. this Autumn with prices starting from £8,995 -$18,000 or €11,350.

While Nice hasn’t given out all the technical details, the company says that the zero emissions city car has a range of around 40 miles or 64 km in normal city driving. The MyCar has a top speed is 40 mph (64 km/h) with re-charge time between 6 and 8 hours. Nice supports that the EV’s running costs are very low, roughly one fifteenth compared to a conventional petrol or diesel model. Depending on electricity tariff used to charge the vehicle, owners are said to pay around 2p per mile. Furthermore, no CO2 emissions means no road tax and no congestion charges in the UK.

MyCar will be available in seven colour options while standard equipment will include electric windows and mirrors, Radio/MP3 player, 14” Alloy wheels, remote central locking, Hi/lo and boost button and LCD multifunction display. It also has storage space under the bonnet, in the boot and in the glove compartment. Options include a glass roof or removable fiberglass version, 15” Alloy wheels, leather interior, cooled and heated seats and a boot rack.

Moreover, buyers can opt for the work ‘n’ play and drive ‘n’ play options. The first incorporates a forward-folding passenger seat complete with laptop dock, the latter includes bluetooth, sat-nav and upgraded audio.

This Plastic Bottle Makes You Muscley

Okay we all know plastic bottles are evil. They consume massive amounts of energy to produce, statistically only spend 30 minutes in our hands before spending the next thousand years in a landfill. Gotta be a better way right? By simply changing the bottle’s shape, designer Jin Le has possibly extended the amount of use we get out of it called the Dumbbell Sports Drink.

Filled with water or an electrolyte infused sport’s drink, it’s only a scant 0.5 kg but my lazy ass probably can’t even lift that. I’d probably even drink it first before working out. For you stronger types, fill it with rocks or something. Show offs!

Designer: Jin Le

Get Cosy (2) 1

Interesting Pillows

Here are few more interesting pillows we came across.

Get Cosy:

Get Cosy (2) 1
Get Cosy (2) 2Designed by Berlin based Bombdesign, which looks for new interpretations of the everyday objects and rethinking the obvious. With Get Cosy you can sit down and slip your cold feet into the second cosy cushion and comfort is assured.

Laptop Pillows:

Laptop PillowsThese laptop pillows provide laptop users with a portable, heat-shielded surface for increased comfort and stability. Apart from this, sustainable materials and methods are used for the construction of these pillows. We would really like to get one for ourselves.

Reading Pillow:

Reading PillowCreation of Meg McElwee, a Montessori teacher, fiber artist, and pattern designer.

Pillow with a pocket for TV remote:

Pillow with a pocket for TV remoteLips shaped velvet pillow:

Lips shaped velvet pillowCute! Available in three sizes and colors.

Save the Studs

No we are not talking about saving horny horses or Richard Gere circa 1980. “Cleatskins” are basically Crocs with a friggin’ purpose other than to offend those with taste. Intended as a quick slip on protector for athletic shoes used in football, futball, baseball and golf. Greatly extending the lifespan of the spikes, cleats or studs found on the bottom of all these shoes. They also help to keep dirt and grass from tracking into your car or home. Made from SKINTEK rubber, a formulation of compression molded rubber, and come in two designs – pull-over and slip-on. They come in tons of team matching colors and will retail for about 35 US green backs. Remember: my favorite sporting teams are always better than yours. Go Team!

Designer: Rick Kay [ Product Page ] [ Via: Gizmag ]

Slat House of Marina Del Rey (9) 1

“Slat House” of Marina Del Rey

Here we have the home of David Feldman, the co-founder and CEO of Y Lighting, the largest online lighting retailer and specializes in modern lighting fixtures for the home. As David being an owner of a lighting concern, paid special attention to the lighting aspect of the home’s design and made sure that the house gets a lot of natural light in the daytime through large windows and skylights. His enthusiasm for modern home décor extends beyond his professional life. He works and lives modern. This very house was once a shingle and tiled, sitting on a small 35 x 90 lot. And it was when Dave’s family decided to move into their new beachside home, Dave planned to bring down the old structure and come up with new one but they had one big problem on their hands: the local building codes. Due to these codes, the home couldn’t be rebuilt and maintain its ocean view, and in order to preserve the view, the existing structure would have to remain on the property. It was at this time, the David Hertz Architects were hired to find the solution. And the firm did come up with a unique solution after many renovations, and a remodel design so that the house is now known as the “Slat House” of Marina Del Rey. The architects encased the entire exterior with Ipe wood slats, a Brazilian wood that’s incredibly strong. And the best part was the slats gave the impression of elevation without increasing the size of the home. Apart from this the slats creates wonderful shadow patterns which changes throughout the day. The slats extend upwards on the rooftop to provide a railing, and the slats facing the ocean slide open to provide ocean views and at night the light casts outward from the slats giving the home a unique glow. Dynamic play with light both inside and out, directional lights highlight artwork & using Lutron Spacer system which is programmable and works at the touch of a button, the lighting is controlled.

Slat House of Marina Del Rey (9) 1
Slat House of Marina Del Rey (9) 2
Slat House of Marina Del Rey (9) 3
Slat House of Marina Del Rey (9) 4
Slat House of Marina Del Rey (9) 5
Slat House of Marina Del Rey (9) 7
Slat House of Marina Del Rey (9) 6
Slat House of Marina Del Rey (9) 8
Slat House of Marina Del Rey (9) 9

Bluetooth Headset Happy

Like many places, California implemented a new law prohibiting cellular use without a handsfree device while driving. Ironically that’s when Jawbone contacted me to do a review on their second generation bluetooth headset. Same aesthetic but significantly smaller, lighter, and improved sound quality. What more could one ask for?

The original Jawbone received accolades for separating itself from a sea of overtly tech looking bluetooth headsets. You know the kind; bright, shiny, and an array of annoying blinking LED lights. The Jawbone was thin and sexy without sacraficing any functionality. It looked more like ear jewelry than a tech device.

But somehow it managed to get its naysayers. It was heavy, thanks to its metal construction. The ear hook was huge and a bit too eager to cut off circulation. It also cost just as much as better performing units even tho they were uglier. Fortunately Jawbone took those criticisms to heart and thus we have Jawbone II.

It’s the same device but significantly lighter and smaller, 50% to be exact. The metal has been replaced with plastic molded in a way to look like a gemstone cut. The ear hook has shrunk dramatically and now carefully wrapped in leather. The combination of improvements made for a device that’s a lot more comfortable to wear for longer periods of time. I hardly even noticed the thing in my ear.

Sound quality is amazing. People on the other end were hard pressed to believe I was using a headset. It’s still pricey but with good reason. The noise cancellation technology Jawbone calls Noise Assassin actually works. There’s a faster processor on board to handle heavier signal processing duties for canceling out ambient noises better, along with that Voice Activity Sensor which lets the Jawbone know when you’re talking so the rest of the time can be noise free.

Like the original Jawbone, packaging is important. The new Jawbone comes beautifully boxed, displaying the device like an art piece. Place it next to any other headset and you’ll understand why. It’s really beautiful.

The new charger pumps the headset to 80% capacity in just 30 minutes via wall socket or USB – a boon for us yappers.  Unfortunately the smaller size also meant smaller battery life. At most I got about 7 days standby and 4 hours talktime. It’s not really a complaint since my iPhone doesn’t even last that long with heavy use. As long as you recharge it every 3 days or so, you’re good to go. Pairing with my phone was incredibly easy as is with most new headsets today. The surface hides two buttons, one to turn it on/off and another to activate the Noise Assassin technology.

If you’re in the market for an insconspicious headset and have $130 to spend, I highly recommend the new Jawbone.

[ Buy It Here ]

Luxurious Amphibious Motor Coach and Yacht (6) 1

Luxurious Amphibious Motor Coach / Yacht.

Luxurious Amphibious Motor Coach / Yacht.

Terra Wind Amphibious Motor Coaches are custom manufactured by Cool Amphibious Manufacturers International are truly combination of best features of world class yachts and Motor Coaches. These interesting designed coaches do go in water. Its like you have a houseboat and a motor coach all wrapped up into one vehicle and the best part would be when you are taking a drive across the country and you find a lake you can drive right into and presto, houseboat for the weekend; boat across and drive out the other side, then keep on going. A 6-foot swim platform that folds out from the back deck where you can fish, lie out, or use for dive/jump. All you need to do to convert from road to marine is to drive the Terra Wind into the water, place the road transmission into neutral and the marine transmission into gear and you are ready to go. With the outrigger sponsors, these can take approximately 40 mph winds and 3-foot waves or wake. A caterpillar 3126E 330-horse power diesel engine which powers the propellers, though this one doesn’t have 2 separate engines, 1 for road and 1 for marine, though the next Terra Wind is planned to have two engines. These can reach highway speeds up to 85 mph & 6 to 7 knots of speed on the water. It features: GPS Navigation System, Onboard Computer, Digital Satellite, DVD, VHS and CD Player, 600 Watt Surround Stereo and many more, here are the rest of the specifications & features. They cost anywhere between $850,000 – $1.2 million, comes with luxurious interiors which are hand crafted from the finest materials.

Luxurious Amphibious Motor Coach and Yacht (6) 1
Luxurious Amphibious Motor Coach and Yacht (6) 2
Luxurious Amphibious Motor Coach and Yacht (6) 3
Luxurious Amphibious Motor Coach and Yacht (6) 6
Luxurious Amphibious Motor Coach and Yacht (6) 4
Luxurious Amphibious Motor Coach and Yacht (6) 5

watch?-Mutant Timepiece

Straight out of Poland, Damian Kozlik has designed an interesting if not confusing timepiece dubbed “X-Watch”. His attempt at a universal time piece able to be used by sighted and the blind is a step in the right direction. Not sure if X marks the right spot on this one but his rubber strap housing carries an array of LEDs behind graduated glass with extruded braille numbers that chris-cross to highlight and center the correct time. Seems like a lot of acrobatics just to tell time, but maybe life is truly in the journey and not the destination… even when counting the hours. If you ask for more details, our heads may explode. This was a hard one to figure out…let it go.

Designer: Damian Kozlik

Texts from the designer:

“X – watch” is universal and integrating L.E.D. timepiece. It can be used by sighted and blind people. Watch case and straps can be made of rubber. Dial is compounded of Leds. Mechanism of the watch (IC board) is placed under them.

How blind people can use it? It’s simple. It’s just to move a finger along the graduated watch glass. There are extruded Braille numbers. When a person touches highlighted panel hears a sound.

How it works? Every segment of the watch glass works like separated touch switch. There are two solutions possible:

1. Every panel works like capacitance touch switch. It needs only one electrode to function. The electrode can be placed behind a panel. It works using body capacitance. When a person touches it, it increases the capacitance and triggers the sound.

2. Every panel works like resistance touch switch. This solution needs metal units to function. There are two thin pieces of metal on the each panel. It works by lowering the resistance between them. It is much simpler in construction compared to the first solution. Placing a finger across the metal units achieves a turn on the sound. Removing the finger from the metal pieces turns the sound off.