bear with man

Strange ways of law: Ram Singh Munda rides a bicycle with his pet sloth bear Rani in Gahatagon village in India. When wildlife officials learned of Munda, who brought the orphaned bear cub home from the forests, he was arrested and jailed for violating wildlife laws.

The bear was sent to a zoo where it is refusing to eat and Munda’s abandoned six-year old daughter has been shipped off to state-run boarding school.

The law has obviously been applied mindlessly. Hope Munda will be relased and get reunited with his bear and daughter.

Immortality Thru Japanese Robots

Japan wants to make robots to cover every segment of the market. Oboe is one designed for the elderly – sorta. In a creepy cybernetic way, Oboe contains all the knowledge, or will contain, everything your loved ones know before they pass. This way, they’re immortal since all of their experiences can be passed onto future generations.

Fast forward 1000 years from now and it won’t be surprising to find Earth populated with nothing but robots – conflicted because they remember being human.

Designer: Arnaud Deloustal

Circle of thrust

Reinventing the wheel has never looked so uh… awkward? I will wait to pass judgement on the comfort aspects of this concept and whether or not my abdomen is ready for the onslaught of vibrations that are sure to come. I also don’t see Pamela Anderson or any other well endowed ladies hopping on this thing, but this design called “WheelU” by Tomer Zer Kavod is sure to get a lot of attention from the more Mountain Dew drinking types out there. Designed to be used over smooth pavement, the front wheel acts as braking aid and the rear wheel assists in the turning that is achieved via weight shifting.

Designer: Tomer Zer Kavod

ferrari “we give up, you do it…

Seems Italian car maker Ferrari has had just about enough of their whinny customers wanting custom this and custom that on their mid-life crisis. More than enough customers have waltzed into their Maranello headquarters with their own design ideas of the perfect Ferrari to convince executives at Ferrari to launch a “One Off” program. I can almost hear the conversation now between two Ferrari generals….Ferrari Exective #1 ” Asa matter witha all of dees people and their-a estupid designs ideas…? Mama mia! Whata we gonna do-a to shut-a dem up-a?” Ferrari Executive #2 ” Hey, I gotta a good idea! We take-a der money and we let-a them make-a whatever dey want-a…” Ferrari Executive #1 “ok, but no SUVs-a and no Ferrari Mini Vans-a”. So that’s the deal. For two million Euros you can bring in your own design. As long as it fits onto a current Ferrari chassis and your check clears, you can have your very own Ferrari “Dave” or Ferrari “Mohammed” or Ferrari “Takashi”… Enzo is spinning in his hand stitched leather grave.

[ Via: EuroCar ]

Decent Descent

With a huge amount of the world’s population heading up to find living and working space, much focus has turned on finding safe and efficient ways of letting people down in ways not involving George W. Bush. “The Wizard” was dreamed up to make the high-rise lifestyle a little less scary by providing a quick exit in an emergency situation. The Wizard “caters for this necessity by providing automated public safety solutions with up to 250m of reciprocating lifeline technology.” Let’s say a fire breaks out in the first ten floors of your high rise and Bruce Willis is on the roof trying to mow down some well dressed German terrorists, what can you do? Well you can make like Spiderman, strap on The Wizard and scream “weee weee weeee” all the way down. This life saving device uses webbing woven from liquid polyester capable of withstanding forces in excess of 2 tonnes. Engineering plastics based on semi-crystalline polyamides were specified for the case and internal drum, encasing a cassette spring recoil system capable of deploying a 50-250m Kevlar lanyard. The compact design and robust injection moulded shell protects the unique internal mechanism from the environment and user abuse, allowing the unit to be serviced at minimum cost.

Designer: HJC Design

Crystal Mercedes

Cars With A Difference

Here are a few cars that are unique in their own way, & are sure to make an impression when taken out for a drive!

Crystal Mercedes: Here we have a crystal-encrusted Mercedes-Benz SL 600 worth about a $1 million. 300,000 Swarovski crystals were attached to the exterior of the body, which was exhibited as a part of DUB Magazine’s Custom Auto Show & Concert tour. The Mercedes-Benz will be on display again at the upcoming Los Angeles Auto Show at the Los Angeles Convention Center – Nov. 16 – Nov. 25.

Crystal Mercedes
Mercedes-Benz SL 600 worth about a $1 million
300,000 Swarovski crystals were attached toMercedes-Benz (Image credit: leftlanenews).

MTM’s Audi A8 D3 polished, & here are the details .

MTM's Audi A8 D3 polished (3) 1
MTM's Audi A8 D3 polished (3) 2
MTM's Audi A8 D3 polished (3) 3(Image credit: mtm).

Chromed cars: What happens if these cars are driven on a sunny day!

Chromed Cars (14) 1
Chromed Cars (14) 4
Chromed Cars (14) 11And here is the rest of cool collection of shiny-chromed cars such as Mercedes, Lamborghini, Lexus, Audi, BMW & others, which are for sure going to make an impression on the roads – link.

Glassy Maserati Quattroporte : A creation of Italian artist Luca Pancrazzi, covered with 1,763 lbs of glass.

Interesting Cars (6)  4
Interesting Cars (6)  5
Interesting Cars (6)  6

The Gold Porsche: The Gold Porsche, created by a company Visualis in Germany & car of choice was a Boxster (since its Porsche’s smallest model). It’s made out of 22 carat gold at the hands of artists rather than those working in the factory. Piece by piece, the manual work created a real one-of-a-kind as never seen before car. No part was left untouched. All the controls, steering wheel, doorknobs down to the car’s body & alloy wheels were transformed to gold. These cars aren’t made just for art galleries only, they are meant for some very wealthy owners.

The Gold Porsche (8) 1
The Gold Porsche (8) 2Here is the image gallery – link.