Walking Billboards (12) 1

Walking Billboards

Walking Billboards.

Walking billboards for Foot Locker in Germany.

Walking Billboards (12) 1
Digital walking billboards:

Walking Billboards (12) 2A digital walking billboard that can be worn as a backpack. And the ad video contents run on a 7-inch digital screen, runs in various forms – DVD, CD, SVCD, MP3, CDDA, JPEG, CD-R, CD-RW, DVD-R, & DVD-RW. And the best part is the Vision backpack only weighs 500 grams.

An overhead screen, complete with sound & sampling possibilities, Pixman is a unique mobile & wearable digital medium for effective & innovative marketing.

Walking Billboards (12) 3
Walking Billboards (12) 4(Image: Credit).

Another one of the walking billboard.

Walking Billboards (12) 5
Walking Billboards (12) 6
Here this one is on a cow.

Walking Billboards (12) 7
Here we got billboards on sheep.

Walking Billboards (12) 8
Dogs as billboards.

Walking Billboards (12) 9
Futuristic concept of walking billboards!

Walking Billboards (12) 10
The usual one.

Walking Billboards (12) 11


Here are the two advertisements that had been banned from HongKong Government –
Different Country Different ‘Limitation’ / Law –

::: 香港搞笑/静止播放的广告… HONGKONG “BANG” tV advertisement

::: 此乃林志玲最大膽的一次,為”唐安麒美胸瘦身專門店”拍的廣告

Ads Using Smart Billboards

Ads Using Smart Billboards

Ads Using Smart BillboardsA brilliant idea for Natural colors change ad, any one who sees the billboard at different times of day will appreciate such an innovative concept.

Rain-Sensitive BillboardHere we have an interesting billboard that apparently changes when it rains. It’s kinda cute.

Max Factor's Rain-Sensitive Billboard (2) 1
Max Factor's Rain-Sensitive Billboard (2) 2Similar to the above one, here we have a Max Factor’s Rain-Sensitive Billboard used for advertising their mascara. When it rains, mascara runs, but apparently not Max Factor’s.