Life in the White House by OBAMA

From this post , you can see how is the President of America Life in the White House!!!!‏ by President Obama ‘life’ –

WOW – Thats great ? If you are a president of US , How you guys think ? You like it?

i think i might nervous and can get the stress … it is too stress for a ‘normal’ human . is not easy to have that kind of life .

but hope that GOD will really help him to make the world change and grow in a ‘truthful & healthy’ way …

For more White House Picture –

Amazing Staircases‏

Here is the design of the picture “staircase”

Where should i step =

Save a lot of space –

It’s an ingenious way to store books that allow the tenants to access a previously unused loft space while also creating a library for their book collection making it easy to see all the titles, and every each stair allows the book browser to take a seat while perusing the selection.

The stairs is designed for unusual approach to problem solving. The stairs showing that construct with continuous strips of hot-rolled steel. These fluid and eye-catching stairs certainly do the job.

For people living in super tight spaces, these steep and narrow stairs occupy a space hardly bigger than a closet, and are made of economical pine boxes.

staircase with Rainbow color =

Watch out – You may fall down-

Shiok – this is just awesome –

Save money by purchasing standalone flat-pack stairs that double as storage furniture. where creative landlords fit more people into a flat by making use of the high ceilings.

This staircase build just like a door –=–

This one make me confusing –

Thanks , Reference from:- Staircase design

Home Away At Sea

The stress of daily life has a sneaky way of building up and crashing you before you expect it. You then realize it’s time to get away – from work, life, everything. Origin, a free-floating home away at sea could provide you with that escape.

The sea fascinates yet frightens. It represents detachment at the farthest fringes of humanity. To experience it usually means some expertise in oceanic environments. With Origin, those prerequisites are no longer a barrier. This floating house has a super strong shell, transparent to act as a window to the oceans, and as an exhibit to those wondering what you are. There are also observation decks above and below the water surface.

No mention on how you’d get back but I’m sure designer Jean-Baptiste Mayot didn’t mean to have us all climb into this house adrift with no way to return.

Designer: Jean-Baptiste Mayot

Only In Malaysia

This is a post talk about the thing will only happen in Malaysia –

::: use ‘home’ sit ?

::: what happen to the hand ?

the door gate full of ???

sleep on a track

banana hang on the ‘saman’ signboard –

::: accident –

::: advertisement ? interesting /

::: nike –

water paip repairing –

tin on the ‘tiang’ ?

can’t cross over ?

who make this happen ?

sleeping in class –

helmet on a tree .

the arrow ? just make the accident happen ?

door gate with shoes —

wow , this is extreme .  MALAYSIA BOLEH –

KELUAR – GO oUT by jump out?

what is this ? how it happen  ?

yea – accident

too far until the lorry can’t get back .

the car is out of park ?

TOUCH – but can’t go – 😛

which year this made?

who willing to buy this house . will be very ‘cool’ –

so all of this is just IN MALAYSIA ——-


Glass floor–wud u dare?‏

this is a building design with the look of ====

So , would you dare to step on ?