Only happen in Malaysia

Malaysia has really a lot different compare with other countries,
Different life-style and cultural for example underneath photo,

Astro build on the car, how different are they?!

Pondok Polis destroyed by teenage , shouldn’t police are the one who guide them?

Selling chicken beside the road? or they try to roast the duck?

Broken BM

Funny mistake. HUH?

was the govenment to poor until cannot afford the chair? or is an artistic?

The fish, obviously is dead

Weird people.!

Who will really look at the menu while they are busy with relief!

Mummy too poor to buy bed.

Pity for this baby

I think the toilet ROSAK

Drypers = pillow

how people wanna cross the road?

Salmon fish only in japan

I was re-understand for few times before i post this up!
The first time I read this I was totally blur,
I hope you guys won’t get through what I go through,
Thought after you know what is it, you will really CHEH! at this post!!

Look! Is showing that a guy buying salmon fish for his meal

Well, he bring the salmon fish with him and search for a suitable place to enjoy it

Finally, he found a place! Now he is ready to cook the salmon fish!! The fish is not ready to eat.

He is waiting for the salmon fish.

Waiting for the time goes by

Yeah! the box break down and now salmon is ready to serve into his mouth

Then , EAT it.

This is the conclusion

Style of photo taking

No doubt, there is a lot of photo taking style.
To capture a good quality image is not only concern on what type of camera you use but also the way of taking photo (Style).

On car model show ? shoot photo like this ?

wah — 跪下来拍照? but stomach ?

got earthquake ?

taking an insect’s picture ?

hahaha — what he is doing ? on your mark ? get set go ——– shooooootttt

Cute bud!



Look at 2 of the photographer …

Cute Bud >  but the leg ? -.- ~

how about this ? funny ? hahahaha — i think so .

Practicing Kong-FU?

Act like grasshopper? but what they take ?

phone calling also can be so modeling a …

mmmmm…. this is nothing ?

but this is too fat ? some how , the camera seem too small for him …

shoot on shooting —-

hahaha — what he taking ? animal ? or monkey ?

Look at his panty!!!

hahahaha — anywrong with this picture ?

guess ?  —- and comment ? hahahaha —

thanks — Richael forward mail –

Results after drunk!

Results after excessive drink!

He was stuck in his new home by his friend’s doing.
A new lesson, least!

Seriously thinking that he was a fan of Kermit the frog.

Anyone for a chip or maybe just a bag of flour will do the trick? A pity tear drop for them.

Amazing smoke way! Ridiculous smoking through nose, thou

Imagine what will his first reaction while he looking at the mirror in the morning while brushing his teeth

A new brown version of sinchan

Saving a paper!

Too drunk and they having deep deep dream.

His was innovate to a table. Cool!

Hi, I saw U this morning..‏

I saw U this morning on your way to work. I called out to U but U were in a big hurry & U didn’t hear me……………….I knew U wouldn’t believe me so I took a picture to show U.

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Have a great day,
P.S. Next time dont go so fast its not safe

Have a great day,
P.S. Next time dont go so fast its not safe