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Modified Cars & Vans From Japan

Here is Japanese’s modified cars , the car model is old , but Japanese still can get it to modify till it is very shiok ….

seem just a normal / usual car that we can see on the road …

anywhere , here come …

Is this approve by the government ? i mean Singapore ? or Asian Country ?

I don’t think so ….

i think this is only for those who really got budget to modify the car ….

Can’t believe what will happen if we saw it at our own country …

This is Shiok ….

Oh …. No !!!! this gonna blow you away ….

It’s funny ….

what is this ?

This is bad … i don’t think this is special ? ~

Here are some [Van] Modified series …

Is this transformer 4th generation ? ~

With Mickey mouse ? Oh … Funny  –

But i think i will love this much …

better then the previous ‘car modified’ –

For sure , every one who saw this car , will love and take picture with it …

Wow …. So long ‘tail’ ——

i don’t like this –

well , give some comment , if you like this post …


Firefox Bus at china中国的搜狐公车巴士



看看那里的周围环境,应该也会觉得 ‘不可能’吧?

其实这些照片也是网上的有心人搞怪的。PHOTOSHOP 软件搞得事情 。


就连‘Microsoft office bus 也被网友拿来搞。。。。

看起来真的是超级的’真‘ – 你觉得如何呢?

不知到这有是否是一张 ‘乱搞’ 的照片呢?


过去的明星,如今已是老人一位Pass Famous Actor

Bond girl played by the hot actors of the era it was filmed. Look at the first Bond girl actress appearance and their appearance now. I can not fap to this!




Filipino Muslim widow Bai Ulan Kudanding’s children and grandchildren shout “Mabuhay si Lola” as they pose for a photo in General Santos city in southern Philippines

Here shows Filipino Muslim widow Bai Ulan Kudanding with her 247 Grandchildren who all shouted ‘Mabuhay si Lola” (Long Live Grandma). It was taken in General Santos City, Philippines. She is seated in the center and what is great with her is that she knows and still remember all the names of her grandchildren.

Her 247 grandchildren all came from her 14 children with 107 grandchildren, 138 great-grandchildren and two great-great-grandchildren. Take not that one of the daughters of Bai Ulan Kudanding, Marawiya, has 19 children.

There is also a in the town where Bai Ulan Kudanding lives, a 94 year-old woman by the name of Joacquina Bartiller, who claims to have 160 grandchildren. If Bai Ulan Kudanding could be verified by Guinness World of Record that all her grandchildren are legitimate, then she could replace the couple from the United Kingdom who happens to hold the Guinness World Records at 99 grandkids.

Picture taken October 17, 2011. REUTERS/Erik De Castro (PHILIPPINES – Tags: SOCIETY).


Cardboard Cameras by Kiel Johnson

Photography enthusiasts should enjoy the cardboard creations of Kiel Johnson. From simple pieces of thick paper cutouts, Johnson carefully crafts cameras we’ve grown to love and have seen become discontinued. Included in his work are the 8mm, the point and shoot, Polaroid, and even the latest DSLRs.

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