Hi-Can Canopy bed

interesting Beds

With the changes happening & technology becoming integral part of our lives, it time we redo our beds!

Hi-Can Canopy bedHi-Can Canopy Bed: It features state of the art technology hi-fi sound system, features integrated flaps, ventilation, hi-fi sound system, screen with DVD, apart from these you can surf the internet right from your own bed & also it has temperature & lighting controls for making you comfortable.

Feel Seating Feel Seating System: Inspired by molecular structure, made up of 120 soft sofa balls, this ingenious design allows it to be folded & rearranged into pretty much anything depending upon your imagination.

Private CloudBed Private CloudBed – It requires little more space than a “normal” bed, a rocking-chair style bed by German designer Manuel Kloker

Interesting bedsBedup: A perfect one for apartments with short space. During the daytime you can store it on the ceiling, & the under-surface of the bed becomes a part of ceiling with the possibility of integrating lighting.

Floating bed: It can be fixed to the wall & with a central leg on floor, creating the “floating effect”.

Sofa Bed (3) 1
Sofa Bed (3) 2
Sofa Bed (3) 3Sofa bed: Furnishes the day area & in a simple step transforms into a practical ready made bunk bed with integrated supporting ladder and protection guard.

Alexander Kneller Side chair

Innovative Chairs

Alexander Kneller Side Chair:

Alexander Kneller Side chairThis one has a nifty & huge slide-out storage compartments were you can store your books or just anything. chair

Antidiva Micama Chair:

Antidiva Micama Chair The Antidiva Micama Chair is a versatile piece of furniture. The outer cover can be in fabric or leather & the chair can be filled with the material of your choice.

Tre di Una Chair by Hunn Wai:

Tre di Una Chair by Hunn Wai

One To Three For Five (Seconds) by John Nouanesing:

One To Three For Five (Seconds) by John NouanesingIt’s a multi-function furniture, wherein you can easily make low riding chairs & a red table or the other stuff from the white cube table.

Soft square by Marta Antoszkiewicz:

Soft square by Marta AntoszkiewiczIts intended for urban living, space management chair set by designer Marta Antoszkiewicz.

Splash Chair by Michael L. Wendel:

Splash Chair by Michael L. WendelThis Splash Chair seems to be inspired by slow motion water drops.

Some other chairs:

Innovative Chairs (5) 1
Innovative Chairs (5) 2
Innovative Chairs (5) 3
Innovative Chairs (5) 4
Innovative Chairs (5) 5

collapsible Shelves For The Unorganized and Cheap

PLoP! is a storage shelving system designed for nomadic students on budget. Made from eco-friendly corrugated board, PLoP! weighs a mere 1.8kg and is collapsible, so students can easily carry it home with them, even on the public transport. Once at home, they simply have to remove the packaging, ‘plop’ it open, affix its backing supports and be prepared to be wowed as this humble material of a furniture holds the weight of dozens of books and objects.The great thing about PLoP! is that it is also designed for extendability, which means that apart from the basic 4-section unit, it can be extended to 6, 8, 10, etc. sections and STILL be collapsible! When the students are done with their short-term studies, they have two options in dealing with the shelf. First, and recommended, they can ‘plop’ PLoP! back to its collapsed state and bring it with them to their next destination. Alternatively, being a paper-based product, it can be disposed of and recycled easily if they no longer have the need for it or if its useful life has ended.

Designer: Joyce Hong

Wilsonart Chair

Wilsonart Chair

Wilsonart today named Eric MacDonald as the winner of its 2008 Wilsonart® Challenges… student design scholarship competition at the International Contemporary Furniture Fair (ICFF). MacDonald’s winning entry adapts a simple shape into new dimensions. Through working with an elevated view of the chair, he created a profile that would become a seat, back and arm rest, while maintaining the identity of the recognizable Wilsonart sample chip shape. MacDonald is a Senior in the Industrial Design Department at California State University, Long Beach. The award-winning entry and four runners-up entries will be displayed during ICFF at the Wilsonart Contract booth 1642.

“Since the goal was to keep the image of the chip recognizable in the chair I quickly became exhausted with pushing, pulling and stretching it into existents…. Pushing it into its third dimension is what gave the chair its life,” said MacDonald. “The negative space of the chip is defined with structure lines, as in architecture, and these lines actually create the image of the chair.”

Designer: Eric MacDonald