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麥可貝(Michael Bay)


記者:先生先生 請問你知道 變形金鋼的導演是誰嗎?



麥可貝(Michael Bay)


10 Awesome Pendrive

Lately I have seen several awesome USB thumb drives designs emerge on the internet. Here I picked 10 USB thumb drives geeks would love, I know I do.

Santa Cruz Screaming Hand SkateDrive
Memory : 2 GB
Price: $11.99 USD

Burton Custom X SnowDrive
Memory : 2 GB
Price: $11.99 USD

EagleTec USB Nano Flash Drive
Memory/Price :
4GB – US$23.00
8GB – US$35.00

TrekStor USB-Stick with Bottle Opener
Memory : 4 GB
Price: $33.58 USD

LaCie CurrenKey USB Flash Drive
Memory : 4 GB
Price: $42.40 USD

Lego Brick USB Flash Drive
Memory/Price :
2 GB – $40 USD
4 GB – $59 USD
8 GB – $75 USD

Gundam USB Flash Drive
Memory : 4 GB
Price: $ 57.75 USD

Ravage Transformer USB Flash Drive
Memory : 2 GB
Price: $42.99 USD

Memory Pill USB Drive
Memory : 64MB
Price: $17.86 USD

Let me know in the comments which one is your favorite. I like all of them, the Gumdum is one of my favorites.


Just mouse? 它只是个键鼠?

Make your time spent with the computer more interesting and amusing by using this thing.

This G-Sport mouse is designed by Andy Kurovets,Yanko Design