Condom Art 安全套的艺术

Now a day, condom began itz design life, we can see more and more condom art is been published as art work, fashion cloth. All this is for viewing as public work but there is a special condom giving out in South Africa. This is the condom with teeth. It is specifically made to protect… Read More


Window Error Art

Most of my friend around me usually get MAD bout window OS when is coming “haging” mode. But someone using it to create a art. Wow…and is very attract people the young people~ and is very awesome!


cheer Up your day !!!

Cheer up your day


全球最另类殡葬方式Alternative way of funeral



Will you KISS me? 愿意吻我吗?

当你的女友迷唇艺要你选,你会选那一种? blink blik加一些装备? 金黄色? 绿+tribal pattern? 抽象画? 粉红文字? 黑唇? Gothic? blink blink又青青? 异色? 橄榄色? 紫? metalic紫? 金铜色? 水桃红? 四色唇? 香蕉黄? 银色? 金黄配刀片? 蜜糖? 彩虹银配珠? 彩虹糖? 椰浆粉? 白糖? 药丸? disco dust? 木瓜+鱼子酱? 颜唇+polo糖? 彩虹唇? 日式? 还是大嘴唇? 唇艺是很美的艺术杰作,但如果配在女友唇上我相信十位有九位喊“晕”了~ 哈哈…

The Most Look a likes

Number of different celebrity singers and actors like to make them-self more look a like and make their face famous.