Cardboard Cameras by Kiel Johnson

Photography enthusiasts should enjoy the cardboard creations of Kiel Johnson. From simple pieces of thick paper cutouts, Johnson carefully crafts cameras we’ve grown to love and have seen become discontinued. Included in his work are the 8mm, the point and shoot, Polaroid, and even the latest DSLRs. Vian swipelife

Style of photo taking

No doubt, there is a lot of photo taking style. To capture a good quality image is not only concern on what type of camera you use but also the way of taking photo (Style). On car model show ? shoot photo like this ? wah — 跪下来拍照? but stomach ? got earthquake ? taking… Read More

world smallest item

I think this post will let most of the people shiok — You might find that some of the item is an ‘mission impossible’ to create it – Okie – THE WORLD SMALLEST – ::: Smallest Teapot In The World German sculptor Bettina Kaminski made the world’s smallest teddy bears 5-mm tall Mini-the-Pooh and 3.5-mm… Read More

Warning from Bank Negara

This is a only a NOTICE For All people regarding the ATM SERVICE -A letter from a “PEI” – TITLE with : Warning from Bank Negara Dear All, For your information. This is true.  Already in KK so be careful.. Please give wide publicity ! Bank ATM ‘ s Converted to Steal IDs of Bank… Read More

The camera never lies……………..

Is the Picture Real ?