When You addicted in COMPUTER / ONLINE

When You addicted in COMPUTER / ONLINE –

Wife : Not Tonight . Din’t you get my email ?

老婆:今晚不能。 难道你没有收到我的邮件吗?

Your Baby is developing very nicely. Would you like to send him an “email” ?

你的宝宝发育得很好 , 你要不要电邮他?

Dear Andy : How have you been ?

Your mother and I are fine . We miss you .

Please sign off your computer and come downstairs for something to eat . Love, Dad ….

My Name was David  , But that sounded old fashioned . So I shorted it to [DVD]

我的名字是 – DAVID – 不过,由于现在不流行了。 所以我改名叫 [DVD] =

Hello , Bob? It’s your father again . I have another question about my new computer .

Can I tape a movie from cable TV then fax it from my VCR to my CD-ROM then Email it to my Brother’s cellular phone? so he can make a Copy on his neighbor’s Camcorder ….

What a funny question ?

I want my husband to pay more attention to me . Got any Perfume that smells like a computer?

Sorry about the odor … I have all my passwords tattooed between my toes …

You said I should spend more time with our children , so I turned their faces into icons …

老公: 老婆,你说我需要花更多时间陪孩子,所以我把孩子的脸变成我的ICON , 这样我们就每天见面了啊。。。


I met someone wonderful in a chat room , and then I found out she’s a cat …

这电脑说我需要去UPGRADE我的头脑啦。。。 所以我才能够与电脑软件同步 –

我问我的爸爸,小孩是从哪儿来的。 他说,从网上下载下来的。。。 这是真的吗?

Our Life style is Totally ‘control by Computer / Internet –

18’s children in a family

Michelle Duggar a mother to 18 children expecting to have her new baby..

Joshua, 20; twins Jana & John-David, 8; Jill, 16; Jessa, 15; Jinger, 14; Joseph, 13; Josiah, 11; Joy-Anna, 10; twins Jeremiah & Jedidiah, 9; Jason, 7; James, 6; Justin, 5; Jackson, 3; Johannah, 2 years old, Jennifer is only 8 monthsThey are looking for a name starting with “J”

During Michelle Duggar on 18th pregnancy


iSHiok for their life, understanding, love, caring and etc.
A lot of people at outside lack of love, caring and etc yet they are only looking for someone who really care for them but most of the time they found darkness in their life.
Although some of us have been through many difficulties, untrustworthy, betrayed and etc.
Please remember there is always someone waiting for you and wish to hug you tightly. DOn’t FOrget

How China get gold Metal

We do sometimes wonder how China get metal with dramatically increase due to few years back?Their practice won’t be nothing for they really pay afford on it by aiming a high honor.

In such a small age, their parents willingly send them to difficult training although there is much

unwillingly from their children.

In the end, they really enjoy what they had get from Olympics and they are China’s pride.

Children Need Surgery

Few days ago , i receive a file of this –



So This is the picture in the content –

imagine , when u see the children face to face  –

What is your Feeling ?

Sympathy ?

But I din’t see any “CONTACT INFORMATION” .

Any where , this is shiok ? how you think ? Pray For him –

Thanks for sending us this email : andreaxxx_86[at]hotxxxx[dot]com

Great haircut


Here is a compiled series of kids’ photos in their sweet innocent actions. Some are having beautiful expressions, some are playing with their pets & some are as usual in their regular way, creating issues for others. And our favorite are the sleeping kids who look just beautiful.

Great haircutGreat haircut.

Can do ads for hair care productsCan do ads for hair care products!

Fun with toilet rollsFun with toilet rolls.

Cool facial makeupCool facial makeup.

With this costume you get the powers tooWith this costume you get the powers too!

Costume partyCostume party!

Princess on movePrincess on move.

A new baby sisterA new baby sister.

Perfectly dressedPerfectly dressed.

Flying babyFlying baby.

Usual stuffAs usual.

Candy bar kidCandy bar kid.

Baby in mailBaby in mail.

Now what's that he is drinkingNow what’s that he is drinking.

Another use of tricycleAnother use of tricycle.

Kid riding tricycle in trafficKid riding tricycle in traffic.

Skateboard & long way to goSkateboard & long way to go.

Didn't we say with this costume you get powers tooDidn’t we say with this costume you get powers too!

Ticket for lane jumpingLane jumping?

Usual stuffKids!!!

Like father like sonLike father like son.

Getting the feel of new laptopGetting the feel of new laptop.

Did anyone take his feeding bottleDid anyone take his feeding bottle?

Sleeping beauty:

Sleeping beauty (6) 1
Sleeping beauty (6) 4
Sleeping beauty (6) 3
Sleeping beauty (6) 5