爆笑詐騙電話….一定要看喔(哈哈哈…) 一定要講得比歹徒還毒的話 讓他無法接招 昨天接到一個不認識的電話,不像本土口音,上來就直呼我的名字! 「王總!」 「你是誰呀?」 「你的老朋友啊」 「誰呀?」 「台東的老朋友啦,連我的聲音你都聽不出來了?」 「你是?」 「哎呀,王總你貴人多忘事啊」

Only happen in China wedding

Chinese cultural and Malay cultural have a bit similar when come to marriage celebration. They need to invite their friends and relatives to have meals together as this is their celebration, Anyway, Chinese and Malays nowadays still practice this cultural but at the same time, Chinese have move to have meals at restaurant rather than… Read More


Today post- just a relax post – relate chinese – Hakka Song Found this in Youtube – a Hakka Artist – Called – 畑龙 (xilong) – From Sabah ‘ hakka artist ‘ – am i right ? i don’t know – just spell it . 海边看飞机场 词曲编唱 – 畑龙 一个人在Tg. Aru, 看到好多人在拍拖 一粒椰子两条straw, 嘴角还咬着木瓜酸 想到那天你和我讲,… Read More