一定要講得比歹徒還毒的話 讓他無法接招




Only happen in China wedding

Chinese cultural and Malay cultural have a bit similar when come to marriage celebration.
They need to invite their friends and relatives to have meals together as this is their celebration,
Anyway, Chinese and Malays nowadays still practice this cultural but at the same time,
Chinese have move to have meals at restaurant rather than neighbor, relatives and friends come and cook together.

I some how more prefer Malay style thought it really a tired stuff but most important thing is that they bring harmony by knowing each other and their relationship in between brother, sister and friends are more intimate.

Chinese preference are more not to be troublesome, they went for restaurant just to save times by cleaning up all dirt.

Well, happen only at China. They invite their friends and relative to have their wedding celebration and its too astound to have this kind of wedding dinner as their family are rich.


Today post- just a relax post – relate chinese – Hakka Song

Found this in Youtube – a Hakka Artist – Called – 畑龙 (xilong) – From Sabah ‘ hakka artist ‘ –

am i right ? i don’t know – just spell it .

词曲编唱 – 畑龙

一个人在Tg. Aru, 看到好多人在拍拖
一粒椰子两条straw, 嘴角还咬着木瓜酸
想到那天你和我讲, 你决定跟他去英国
终于有机会跟他滑雪, 还可以看看外国的月亮

其实我好多话想跟你说, 放在心里真是口难开
二十年来没跟你说, 晚晚夜夜长长发开口梦才讲!

我真是中意你, 可不可以不要去英国
我真是中意你, 可不可以不要跟那条啉死

是说你想坐飞机, 不如我带你去近近地
反正翻开报纸都有零票, 两间航空公司斗到要死
槟城JOHOR吉隆坡.随便你说, 我立刻上网
要就快点, 迟就没罗! 零票book完, 我就冤枉!

其实我好多话想跟你说, 亚庇是一个好好住的地方
多年来鬼老都来观光上神山过pulau去3rd beach晒月光!

我真是中意你, 可不可以不要去英国
我真是中意你, 怕你睡觉冷到没盖被
我还是中意你, 英国吃不到亚庇生肉面
我真是中意你, 最好还是不要离开亚庇

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