India climbing inverted odd men

据英国媒体23日报道,居住在印度南部的一位22岁男子Jyothi Raj拥有徒手攀爬高墙的技能,堪比漫画人物“蜘蛛侠”。
According to British media reports, living in southern India, a 22-year-old man has a hand Jyothi Raj wall climbing skills, comparable to comic characters, “Spider-Man.”

Jyothi weekend will be to show the local tourist attractions climbing, always attract a lot of people watch.

印度的“蜘蛛侠” India’s “Spider-Man”

印度的“蜘蛛侠” India’s “Spider-Man”

印度的“蜘蛛侠” India’s “Spider-Man”

He was found four years ago, they have such incredible climbing ability.

His Youtube – 他的片段 –

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Frenchman Alain Robert known as Spiderman climbs the facade of the Abu Dhabi Investment Authority tower with his bare hands, in the United Arab Emirates (UAE), in front of a crowd of about 100,000. Alain Robert completed the climb in only 20 minutes. Alain Robert also climbed the Sears Tower in Chicago, Petronas Twin Towers in Kuala Lumpur, Eiffel Tower in Paris and Empire State Building in New York City.