Amazing Work Place 这里工作真好


Idiots of the World Unite!‏

世界之最‘笨’ 的人 –

me 1st  ! 我先 – 这是我的路。。。

And the SURGEON GENERAL says . .

Diversionary tactic.

Words of Wisdom.

A fortune to remember.

Stay off the course . . . Or else!

Not my job – 对不起,这不是我的工作 –







What will I be when I grow up?
his is just too priceless not to share!

If you don’t pass this along, a dog will come out and pee on your computer!

When You addicted in COMPUTER / ONLINE

When You addicted in COMPUTER / ONLINE –

Wife : Not Tonight . Din’t you get my email ?

老婆:今晚不能。 难道你没有收到我的邮件吗?

Your Baby is developing very nicely. Would you like to send him an “email” ?

你的宝宝发育得很好 , 你要不要电邮他?

Dear Andy : How have you been ?

Your mother and I are fine . We miss you .

Please sign off your computer and come downstairs for something to eat . Love, Dad ….

My Name was David  , But that sounded old fashioned . So I shorted it to [DVD]

我的名字是 – DAVID – 不过,由于现在不流行了。 所以我改名叫 [DVD] =

Hello , Bob? It’s your father again . I have another question about my new computer .

Can I tape a movie from cable TV then fax it from my VCR to my CD-ROM then Email it to my Brother’s cellular phone? so he can make a Copy on his neighbor’s Camcorder ….

What a funny question ?

I want my husband to pay more attention to me . Got any Perfume that smells like a computer?

Sorry about the odor … I have all my passwords tattooed between my toes …

You said I should spend more time with our children , so I turned their faces into icons …

老公: 老婆,你说我需要花更多时间陪孩子,所以我把孩子的脸变成我的ICON , 这样我们就每天见面了啊。。。


I met someone wonderful in a chat room , and then I found out she’s a cat …

这电脑说我需要去UPGRADE我的头脑啦。。。 所以我才能够与电脑软件同步 –

我问我的爸爸,小孩是从哪儿来的。 他说,从网上下载下来的。。。 这是真的吗?

Our Life style is Totally ‘control by Computer / Internet –

Diy a NoteBook

If You think you are poor to have a notebook or laptop , maybe this is one way to build your own notebook .

Or you want to let go your BIG PC , just tranform your Desktop PC into a small box (PC to Notebook size ?)

I feel shiok while i see this notebook , as i think i’m gonna buy a notebook , so i search on google :- cheap notebook, diy notebook , diy laptop , cheap cheap laptop , mini notebook , small notebook , but what i get all is still ‘expensive’ –

But after a while , i found this . . . .. .

The Poor Mans Notebook , below is the specification :-

-Pentium Dual Core E5200
-2.5 GHz, 2MB L2, 800Mhz
-2x 2GB Corsair DDR2 PC6400
-GeForce 7100 Integrated GPU
-8” Touch Screen LCD
-Netgear WG111 802.11G
-Bluetooth 2.1-EDR

with a few step you will have your own ‘notebook’ —

u need to prepare a casing , seem like a camera casing ? sound system casing ? or other equipment casing ?

a computer processor ?

a mother board /.

hardisk , keyboard , mouse , try to operate it 1st .

then fixed it in the box / casing.

review a while .

a touch screen lcd. you may change to use a normal LCD .

then it will look like this . without the ‘closing case’ , this is notyet finish …

then make a cover for it . and it will look like ‘pro’ , right ?

haha – “FORCE” ?

More details on the ‘notebook’ –

so to do the comparison , below will show the picture of  normal notebook , apple macbook ,

so how you think ? are you feeling to have one ?

and it doesn’t cost much …  below is the Youtube on how the notebook operate .

i don’t like the ‘fan sound’ it is too noisy for me that i can keep my ears relax while i’m doing work…

but it is the only information i know on how to create / build our own ‘cheap cheap’ note book .

Refer From :-


Another Job From danielspalding ,  it is really cool – because all the spec is use from a desktop PC , and the ‘notebook,

Let see how he do –

-Intel D945GCLF2 Dual Core 1.6Ghz Atom Motherboard
-1x 2GB Kingston DDR2-800
-160GB WD8000JS HDD
-Bluetooth 2.1 EDR
-Wireless 802.11n
-14.2in LCD

So how you think of it ?

Can you Build / DIY your own ‘notebook’ now ?

So the price had been bit up to USD299 in ? So, is that cheap or expensive ? since the weight is ‘5KG’ ?!?!hahaha – the lover might feel that this is ‘cute’ ?

Maybe You can transform your old PC into a mini Notebook / laptop ? or Change your PC casing into a small ‘bag casing’ ? haha—-

If the above item still expensive for you ? maybe build with wooden ? and yet it is more ‘green’ –  😛

IF Still Expensive ? what more to say , use your home table ?

just like this ?  —-

All the picture is come from :-

hahaha, share with you that this is  just another shiok thing for me —-

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What would you do with your old PC!

In this present technological evolution systems keep getting outdated. If technology doesn’t get them, then wear & tear does its role. But ultimately you need to dispose off your old system.
Here are some uses which you many give a try if you think they are worth it & this way it may also help the environment by reducing the dumping.

One can make a coffee maker out it.

Broken mouse? May be any of these can be of help!

Keyboard got a new use.

A great use of a monitor.

For ‘keep’ mouse ?

Last but not the least, you have a barbecue.

Cooling Computer

The Best way To Keep You computer safe from ‘heng’ –

or the best way to let your computer ‘cool down’ – best cooling system for your computer –

Please do not laugh ?@!

this is also part of the ‘creation’ , right ?

We should give them / the creator support –

probably they will help us to save money for the people who ‘love to have a laptop –