Will you KISS me? 愿意吻我吗?


blink blik加一些装备?


绿+tribal pattern?





blink blink又青青?

















disco dust?






唇艺是很美的艺术杰作,但如果配在女友唇上我相信十位有九位喊“晕”了~ 哈哈…

i want a Limo "CAR"

Here are some really cool limos, elegant & classy outside & colorful & vibrant in the inside.

City Style ?

From outside view –

Inside the car is totally like a ‘mini club’ house –

You don’t feel the car below is ‘awesome’ if you din’t try to sit inside –

This look classical –

and this one , you might feel ‘high class’ – sure everyone think like that ….

“Jet car”

Here is a transformed Boeing 727 jet airplane into real big limousine. Chassis & running gear of a Mercedes-Benz bus, is been used for this Boeing 727 Jet Limo to make it street legal – or at least that’s what been said. Weighs 24,000 pounds, equipped with a dance floor, big screen TV, & a full bar. Laser lights, fog machine, strobe lighting & “aerodynamic seats” are also on the menu. What more, it found a buyer on an auction site for $275k!

Home Away At Sea

The stress of daily life has a sneaky way of building up and crashing you before you expect it. You then realize it’s time to get away – from work, life, everything. Origin, a free-floating home away at sea could provide you with that escape.

The sea fascinates yet frightens. It represents detachment at the farthest fringes of humanity. To experience it usually means some expertise in oceanic environments. With Origin, those prerequisites are no longer a barrier. This floating house has a super strong shell, transparent to act as a window to the oceans, and as an exhibit to those wondering what you are. There are also observation decks above and below the water surface.

No mention on how you’d get back but I’m sure designer Jean-Baptiste Mayot didn’t mean to have us all climb into this house adrift with no way to return.

Designer: Jean-Baptiste Mayot

City Lounge (3) 1

Mixed Links & Images

City Lounge (3) 1
City Lounge (3) 2
City Lounge (3) 3City Lounge: stadtlounge (city lounge) situated in the centre of st.gallen in Switzerland by artist Pipilotti Rist and the Carlos Martinez architectural firm is the result of a design competition to create a ‘public living room’ in the financial district of the area. The Stadtlounge opened on November 3, 2005

The Twilight Zone – Tokyo.

a view of tokyo from staircasesBad hair day: These people seems to have a very bad hair day.

bad hair day (4) 1
bad hair day (4) 2
bad hair day (4) 3
(Image: Credit).

bad hair day (4) 4(Imag: Credit).

stone overload  (2) 1
stone overload  (2) 2This stone is definitely an overload.

Habitat 67: An interestingly designed housing complex by architect Moshe Safdie in Montreal Quebec Canada as part of his master thesis at McGill University. Link.

Habitat 67(Image: Credit).

advertisement campaignThis seems to be a part of some kind of advertisement campaign.

 interesting advertisement (Image: Credit).
An interesting advertisement which a realistic effect.

A car vending machine2A car vending machine: This one comes from Japan where there are plenty of interesting vending machines and here we have one holding a full-size Smart Car. It’s not really a fully functional vending machine, the artificial vending machine has two choices (coupe and cabrio), and a convenient slot to insert the amount you need (about $20k). Push the button & it dispenses a tube containing pamphlets on the new models, supplier information, and a sheet of Smart Car stickers featuring the available colors.

transportationNow who needs transporters!

Classic VW Beetle TrailerClassic VW Beetle Trailer.

Swimming Pool Installation In 21st Century Museum Of Art Of Kanazawa (7) 1

Swimming Pool Installation In 21st Century Museum Of Art Of Kanazawa.

Swimming Pool Installation In 21st Century Museum Of Art Of Kanazawa.

This is swimming pool art installation in 21st Century Museum of Art of Kanazawa by artist Leandro Erlich which opened its doors in September 2004 as one of the three permanent installations. There are two clear acrylic glasses about a foot apart and water is filled inside. The top surface is also filled with about 4 to 5 inches of water so that it just looks like water. The people underneath the swimming pool can actually look above with realistic water effect on top of it.

Swimming Pool Installation In 21st Century Museum Of Art Of Kanazawa (7) 1
Swimming Pool Installation In 21st Century Museum Of Art Of Kanazawa (7) 2
Swimming Pool Installation In 21st Century Museum Of Art Of Kanazawa (7) 3
Swimming Pool Installation In 21st Century Museum Of Art Of Kanazawa (7) 4
Swimming Pool Installation In 21st Century Museum Of Art Of Kanazawa (7) 5
Swimming Pool Installation In 21st Century Museum Of Art Of Kanazawa (7) 6
Swimming Pool Installation In 21st Century Museum Of Art Of Kanazawa (7) 7


Slat House of Marina Del Rey (9) 1

“Slat House” of Marina Del Rey

Here we have the home of David Feldman, the co-founder and CEO of Y Lighting, the largest online lighting retailer and specializes in modern lighting fixtures for the home. As David being an owner of a lighting concern, paid special attention to the lighting aspect of the home’s design and made sure that the house gets a lot of natural light in the daytime through large windows and skylights. His enthusiasm for modern home décor extends beyond his professional life. He works and lives modern. This very house was once a shingle and tiled, sitting on a small 35 x 90 lot. And it was when Dave’s family decided to move into their new beachside home, Dave planned to bring down the old structure and come up with new one but they had one big problem on their hands: the local building codes. Due to these codes, the home couldn’t be rebuilt and maintain its ocean view, and in order to preserve the view, the existing structure would have to remain on the property. It was at this time, the David Hertz Architects were hired to find the solution. And the firm did come up with a unique solution after many renovations, and a remodel design so that the house is now known as the “Slat House” of Marina Del Rey. The architects encased the entire exterior with Ipe wood slats, a Brazilian wood that’s incredibly strong. And the best part was the slats gave the impression of elevation without increasing the size of the home. Apart from this the slats creates wonderful shadow patterns which changes throughout the day. The slats extend upwards on the rooftop to provide a railing, and the slats facing the ocean slide open to provide ocean views and at night the light casts outward from the slats giving the home a unique glow. Dynamic play with light both inside and out, directional lights highlight artwork & using Lutron Spacer system which is programmable and works at the touch of a button, the lighting is controlled.

Slat House of Marina Del Rey (9) 1
Slat House of Marina Del Rey (9) 2
Slat House of Marina Del Rey (9) 3
Slat House of Marina Del Rey (9) 4
Slat House of Marina Del Rey (9) 5
Slat House of Marina Del Rey (9) 7
Slat House of Marina Del Rey (9) 6
Slat House of Marina Del Rey (9) 8
Slat House of Marina Del Rey (9) 9

Red Bull - London UK (3) 2

Some Cool Looking Offices

Red Bull – London UK

Red Bull - London UK (3) 2
Red Bull - London UK (3) 1
Red Bull - London UK (3) 3This Soho based London HQ of Red Bull looks really cool. It features slides, just in case if you want to make it fast, has a circular table tennis, just in case if you want to have a set in between the meets. Apart from these, the place gives a rich & pleasant look.

Google Zurich Offices.

Google Zurich Offices (3) 1(Image: Credit).

Google Zurich Offices (3) 2
Google Zurich Offices (3) 3This is office of one of the most powerful companies on earth which features slides, thinking gondolas, meditation bathtubs, pool tables, & many more thing.

The Digg.com Office:

The Digg.com Office (2) 1
The Digg.com Office (2) 2The office is located in San Francisco & the designing looks quite good.

Microsoft HQ:

Microsoft HQ (3) 1
Microsoft HQ (3) 2
Microsoft HQ (3) 3Located in Redmond, Washington, & its here where over 30,000 of their employees work. The mural in the lunch area is pretty & so does the lake. Apart from these, the kitchen looks great, & there’s football & a pool table, & the seating seams to be comfortable.

Pixar HQ:

Pixar HQ (2) 1
Pixar HQ (2) 2This is the headquarters of animation company Pixar, in Emeryville, CA. It has a very large campus & the place looks quite comfortable.

Danone Waters:

Danone Waters (3) 1
Danone Waters (3) 2
Danone Waters (3) 3The Klein Dytham designed Danone Waters office in Tokyo & used water as a theme. Thousands of empty plastic bottles have been strung using wires extending from floor to ceiling arranged into dividing walls & it looks quite good.

TBWA Office:

TBWA Office (3) 1
TBWA Office (3) 2
TBWA Office (3) 3TBWA office located in downtown Tokyo looks recreational & the designer is again Klein Dytham.

Pallotta Teamworks:

Pallotta Teamworks (3) 1
Pallotta Teamworks (3) 2
Pallotta Teamworks (3) 3Pallotta Teamworks’ headquarters are located in LA, all the offices & work houses have been constructed using recycled materials.