10 Most Poisonous Animals in the World

just receive an email – 刚收到一封EMAIL – 有关全世界十种最毒的动物 – 1. Box Jellyfish The top prize for “The World Most Venomous Animal,” would go to the Box Jellyfish. It has caused at least 5,567 recorded deaths since 1954. Their venom is among the most deadly in the world. It’s toxins attack the heart, nervous system, and… Read More


美味魚翅背後的故事…  以下這幾幅相是每位潛水員最不想見到的場面。新年假期有一班香港潛水員到菲律賓Philippines潛水時於淺水海面發現有條年幼鯨鯊(就是鄭依健幫WWF拍宣揚海洋保育那種魚,它是海洋最大種魚類,成年可長12米,重二十噸。

Salmon fish only in japan

I was re-understand for few times before i post this up! The first time I read this I was totally blur, I hope you guys won’t get through what I go through, Thought after you know what is it, you will really CHEH! at this post!! Look! Is showing that a guy buying salmon fish… Read More

Stink Ray died

Amazing species that can swallow many things into the stomach. Stink Ray seems like innocent fish, somehow a dangerous fish especially the tail. This post is try to show how big stomach of this Stink Ray and at the same time showing how polluted the sea is. Catch up the stink ray. He/She is toughing… Read More

A real gold fish! – shiok

Gold Fish – Truly Shocking This is an amazing creation of the The Lord, Creator. Gold Fish, which was found in the sea in Taiwan was put to display in Taiwan’s Natural Museum. Scientists have found that some of the parts of this beautiful fish are of 24 carat pure gold. The fish entirely is… Read More

big Fish ?

最近都在看鱼 —- 自从-去了一趟 出海钓鱼 后, 真的是有点被吸引/影响”上” 了喔 —- 没有办法啦 — 为了要解决我的 “好奇心” – 我唯有看多点的鱼 —好让我的”引” 能够快点的被消化 —- 呵呵呵呵 ~ 所以就在YOUTUBE 看了很多与关 — 钓鱼~ ::: this cat fish is extremely big — Gigant Catfish in Italia, Big Fish, Fishing ::: 好大的一条鱼 ::: 出水扶容 —- 吓到一下~ 呵呵呵~ ::: monster catfish ::: 这只好大一下的 — 看那人拉都那么辛苦 — ::: Big… Read More

Robotic Fish Feeder, Because I’m Too Lazy

If you’ve got a big pond or lake with fish just swimmingly enjoying life, you may ask yourself why you have to be the one doing all the work. Fish have it made! They just swim and eat. The FIFER robot makes feeding one less item you need to worry about on your day to… Read More

Aquariums That Are Definitely Worth A Second Glance

Here we have Macquarium created from Macintosh computers. Sandcastle aquarium is a reminiscent of those endless summer days at the shore& measures 21½” length, 21½” width, 29½” height. Aquarium toilet designed by Oliver Beckerta is a fishtank in the tank. The fishes are safe as they are in aquarium which is separate from the flushing… Read More