50岁依然保持童颜,身材甚至赛过20多岁妙龄少女,山田佳子是如何做到的呢? 近日,在日本国民美魔女比赛中获得第一名的49岁山田佳子参加韩国某综艺节目,跟观众分享了保持童颜的秘诀。 一、12种食物狂吸走你多余脂肪 1、燕麦;2、玉米;3、芦笋(还是抗癌之王)


15 Awesome Funny Exam Answer by student





Cheer up your day!

“Mama… Mama… Mama… ” “How my new images? you like it?” “Ouuu…great to have sauna…afterlife” “Mmm…Mmmm…” “is beautiful…” “great cargo! Cool!!!” “super bus!??” “Spiderman 4″ “7 on board” “Did adidas sponsor on Captain Jack costume?”


Cheer up your day!

“Should i ignore or what? ” “wanna keep this “dog” as your pet?” “is itz twin brother?” “Wow….” “erm…got “BigBrotherBig” handphone in ancient time? so high tech hor…” “creative! ” “oh NO…saman again? mammy gonna kill me, this is no 50 penalty i got this week…. @..@” “typoon warning letter” “on duty?” “great water fall… Read More



Everything is gonna be alright. Every brand new day is a gift. SMILE. You’re still alive.

How doctor make money

This is how a doctor make business grow. haha…smart huh?

The Most Look a likes

Number of different celebrity singers and actors like to make them-self more look a like and make their face famous.

When You addicted in COMPUTER / ONLINE

When You addicted in COMPUTER / ONLINE – Wife : Not Tonight . Din’t you get my email ? 老婆:今晚不能。 难道你没有收到我的邮件吗? Your Baby is developing very nicely. Would you like to send him an “email” ? 你的宝宝发育得很好 , 你要不要电邮他? Dear Andy : How have you been ? Your mother and I are fine . We… Read More