Mattress dominoes world record attempt


A new unique world record is on the cards after staff at a furniture warehouse made a video of themselves playing mattress dominoes.

The game sees dominoes substituted with mattresses and the addition of some willing participants.

Staff at Bensons for Beds in Tewkesbury, Gloucestershire, set up a whopping 41 mattresses across their warehouse, with a person standing behind each one.

Here we go! Staff begin toppling to the ground during the mattress dominoes world record attempt.
在这里,我们走! 工作人员开始倾倒在地上的床垫在多米诺骨牌世界纪录尝试.

One by one: A whopping 41 mattresses and volunteers were involved in the feat

The game began as one person tipped backwards, beginning a ‘domino effect’ that toppled the 40 remaining mattresses.
比赛开始一人tipped倒退,开始了’多米诺骨牌效应’ ,推翻其余40床垫。

In a twist, the final person to fall landed on a conveyor belt where he was furnished with a teddy bear, a sleep mask, a duvet and a pillow.

The mattress made its way along a platform and into the back of a waiting delivery van, whereupon it dropped onto a bed frame.

As a final touch, a young woman leaps into the bed, joining the original sleeper.

Soft landing: The video has proved a big hit for the Tewkesbury company

The van doors close and the newly assembled bed and its occupants are driven off.

The video, which was made on July 26, could well make the records books, after the Guinness World Records confirmed the feat has not been tried before.

Mattress dominoes is thought to have began as an American college pastime but has become increasingly popular across the pond.

Julie Flitter, administration manager at Tewkesbury Home Distribution Centre who organised the stunt, said: ‘We contacted the Guinness Book of Records, and apparently there is no official world record as yet – so we submitted details of our attempt and we’re just awaiting confirmation that we’ve set it.
“朱莉Flitter ,行政经理图克斯布瑞首页谁配送中心举办了特技,说: ‘我们联系吉尼斯世界纪录,显然也没有正式的世界纪录至今-因此,我们提出详细的企图,我们只是在等待确认,我们已经将其设置。

Watch the video here:

So how your Think ? Can they do it ? world record ? hope they will get success=
然而你们觉得他们真的能够制造世界纪录吗? 希望他们能够如愿以偿—