Different funny things shown here, hope you really enjoy it and SHiok for it, is really amazing -big chest- -annoying hair- – beautiful lady- -a weird guy or girl- check it out Wonder how long he dint wash his hair and does he put his hair into a plastic bag or a box to maintain… Read More


this is a Chinese word only ….. this is real funny , story about girl and boy …. 不同年齡男女的需求 【0 – 5 歲的時候】 女→媽媽。 男→媽媽。 【6 – 10 歲的時候】 女→不是討厭的男孩子就可以了! 男→可以陪我欺負女孩子的男孩。 【11 – 15 歲的時候】 女→十五六七八歲的大哥哥,千萬不要同年紀那班野蠻人! 男→足球,籃球,網球,乒乓球…… 【16 – 20 歲的時候】 女→我要十七八歲差不多年紀大家都說讚的「大帥哥」! 男→女人,女人就可以了! 【21 – 25 歲的時候】 女→25-29歲的成熟男人,要有事業基礎,有品味,才華…… 男→20-24歲漂亮又有身材的女人。 【26 – 30 歲的時候】 女→仍是堅持要比自己年紀大的男人。 男→20-24歲漂亮又有身材的女人。… Read More

Pee-mate for women‏

Let see how a Girl Stand to ‘pee’ ? Women are able stand to pee now. this is good as some public toilet seats are so dirty and unhygienic nowadays in some places. 大家出去野營,或在某些特殊的地方,或是無法找到廁所的地方,這時P-Mate 可以讓女人們輕松解決內急的苦惱,而不需要到處尋找可以解決的隱蔽地方,也不必再下蹲後解決。

U think is a doll or real ppl?

U think is a doll or real ppl? 其实是COSPLAY女娃….. Actually , She is just a cosplay girl – ——————————— Surprise !!!!!!!! She is the girl that dressup and been makeup like a doll….. Hehehehhehe

girl – please dont stop ~

A short movie about a girl and a monkey.


see this from my email – share with you- how about this one ? wakakakakakaka~~~

Criss Angel magic trick

Freaky but cool trick by Criss Angel :- ::: coin trick – u think this is “Freaky but cool trick” by Criss Angel —- i dont think so – i think this is “hurt” – can calculate this as ‘unknown’ ? how u think ?

Cockroaches Facial

do you wanna try this Cockroaches Facial ? Yuck! it is from Korea

female driver | 女孩驾车 (danger)